8 Reasons why you should try video marketing for your business


Video Marketing is a strategy that aims to produce videos that improve the positioning of a brand on the Internet. Whatever you do video marketing in your business can help you achieve your promotional goals. If you are not sure, keep reading and I will explain everything that video marketing can do for your project.

What is video marketing?

This term represents the strategy for using videos to achieve brand objectives. And I am not referring exclusively to commercials, since videos come in many formats and the options are increasingly varied.

For example, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have already offered the possibility of doing live broadcasts and stories for some time, which can also be used to create interesting content.

Videos in their different versions continue to position themselves as one of the forms of content that most connect with people and they go viral very easily.

What can video marketing contribute to your business?

It differentiates you from your competition

The advantage of video is that it shows much more than any other communication format. By making a commercial videography of your business, you will also be showing your tone of voice, your style, your essence, your authenticity… So, it’s the perfect tool to show that you are different and that there is no other business like yours.

Reach more people with less cost

Before making videos required a very high investment due to the costs of cameras, software, broadcasting, etc. In recent years this has changed a lot, we have video cameras even on our cell phones and the acquisition of cameras with acceptable image quality has dropped considerably. There are a thousand free broadcast platforms on the internet to upload our videos and share them with the world (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, I came…). Also, video is the type of content that is most seen and shared on social networks, especially if they have a touch of humor or touch an emotional chord.

Explain your story in seconds

Video helps to process information better, when they say an image is worth a thousand words, imagine if the image moves, has sound, voice, and even text! The combination of all of this makes understanding complex concepts easier to remember.

Attract your ideal customer

People like videos, they are easy to consume, and they attract attention much better than any other format. It is also easier than when watching a video, your audience feels more identified with your brand.

Build trust and credibility

Watching a video of a business is more real than reading a text, and if you also provide content of interest to your customers, they will become loyal followers of your brand.

Increase sales

The video is proven to help in the purchase decision. If you can see the product, how it works, benefits, etc., a user is much more likely to buy after watching a video than reading written text or seeing a static image.

Helps improve overall SEO

As you already know, YouTube belongs to Google and it is therefore logical that Google promotes the use of YouTube. It seems that including YouTube videos is one of the factors that Google’s algorithm uses to determine search results. That is, if you include videos in your articles or pages, they will gain a small notoriety factor and will leave with a small advantage over the competition.

In addition to this, another advantage of a Video Marketing strategy (if it has a presence on YouTube) is that Google also shows videos directly in the search results, as we have already mentioned before. The good thing about the videos that appear in the SERPs (search engine results pages) is that they attract attention over other content and this translates into a higher click-through rate.

Video is highly effective

The engagement and retention rates of the video are very high compared to other content. Especially now that the “internet giants” are boosting their organic reach to try to win the video battle. It is ideal for improving brand discovery, educating the consumer, generating leads and conversions, and increasing revenue.