8 Social Media Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


We live in a smartphone-centric world, and social media is one of the most powerful things in our society. With social media, people get their fix of news and information, connect to people with the same interest, and create new connections and relationships. And people even use it to scour deals as well! In this article, we’ve collated eight social media facts you ought to know:

Twitter has the least amount of employees among the big social media platforms

Among Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which are the three pillars of social media, the latter has the least amount of employees. While Facebook employs at least 50,000 people, Twitter only has more than 5,000. Instagram has fewer than that, but since it’s now part of Facebook, Instagram employees are now employed under the company. 

Twitter has offices all over the world but keeps employee count to a minimum. One of the more interesting Twitter facts is that the social media giant doesn’t have too much maintenance to do because user posts are usually limited to 240 characters. Facebook, on the other hand, has stored at least 300 petabytes of information from its users.

Social media sites gain the most site visits and app usage every day

It comes as no surprise that social media sites are the most visited sites in the world. The big three are in the top ten of the list, but the crown belongs to Google, which is the most visited site. In smartphones, social media apps gain the most usage. It’s estimated that one person has 3-4 social media accounts under his or her name in a lifetime.

A whopping 80% of businesses worldwide use social media for digital marketing

E-commerce was the big thing in the early 2000s, but businesses today are gearing towards meaningful exchanges on social media to promote business and incite sales. Digital marketing is the rage these days because social media is the place where most people go when they want to search for recommendations and the like. 

Becoming viral on social media will give a boost to any business. Social media marketing is a recent addition to digital marketing, and it’s a whole new arena altogether. It is short-sighted for a modern business not to consider social media in their marketing strategy. In fact, as of writing, a staggering 80% of businesses worldwide have some sort of social media presence.

Messenger and WhatsApp handle at least 60 billion messages per day

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are two of Facebook’s messaging platforms. Together, these apps handle at least 60 billion messages per day. Ruminate on that for a second. Most people have gone to messaging apps because of easier access, more opportunities to connect with people, and the encryption technology that these apps offer.

Facebook is the most used social media platform

Among social media sites, Facebook has the most users at 2.2 billion. For context, there are at least 7 billion people on Earth right now. A whopping 45-50% of the population has a smartphone and at least connected to the Internet, so that number continues to grow every day. 

But will there be a point where Facebook can’t handle the traffic? The answer to that is no.  The infrastructure has been set, and the company is expecting more sign-ups in the next decade. 

Next to Facebook, Youtube has the most users at 1.9 billion.  And the Google-owned video-sharing site is gearing towards more typical social media features like stories, pictures, and written posts. Instagram has a lot of users as well, and Twitter claims to have at least 145 million users every day.

Social media platforms earn billions of paid advertising each year

Social media’s power is so unprecedented that these platforms cash in billions from paid advertising each year. Facebook, again, leads the way with an unbelievable $70+ billion in revenue for 2019 alone. A study revealed that at least $90 billion was spent on social media advertising worldwide last year, and that figure is expected to go up this year. 

Suffice to say that these sites’ humongous user base makes it possible for them to earn this money. Every single person who has a social media profile is worth at least $5 for these conglomerates. So even if all of these social media sites are free to sign-up in, they still make money off you.

The average person uses 142 minutes of his/her day in social media sites

There was a study about how social media has contributed to people having shorter attention spans, but in the end, it’s the Internet that does more damage on declining attention span than social media itself. While the average person spends more than 2 hours on social media, the same person will be on the Internet for at least 6 hours.


We are truly living at a time where digital and online presence is equivalent to having your coffee every morning. Social media has become part of our psyche, and as we advance to new technologies, we will become more connected than ever.