In business, teamwork and growth is important to success. As any business owner or human relations director can tell you, the wrong choice in new hires can destroy the whole dynamic of the team. When it is time for your company to expand, you simply must hire the right person for the job or you might be easily putting all your hard work at risk.

Hiring the wrong candidate hurts your company in several ways.

  • It costs you the loss of a better qualified candidate for the job which can lead to losses in productivity, financial losses associated with required training and even the loss of current employees if company morale is undermined.
  • A poorly chosen employee can damage the company reputation with shoddy work or, worse, bring damaging scandals right to your doorstep.
  • Hiring the wrong person for the job means you will be repeating the process again, creating further expense and frustration to find the new employee you originally sought.

It is certainly not a pretty picture. With so much at stake, it just makes sense to hire the right individual for the job the first time and avoid the hassle. It seems like such a simple concept, yet many companies still seem to make bad hiring decisions. It must be more difficult than it sounds. Right? Well, not exactly.

While you can’t just will yourself to hire better employees, it doesn’t require a lot of extra work or a gift for divining the future to make more productive hiring choices either. In fact, it only requires eight simple things to ensure your company always hires the right person.

Give Yourself Time

When it comes to hiring a new team member, one of the biggest mistakes is rushing through the decision-making process. Just as the products and services your business provides require time for a proper experience, so does the applicant screening process.

Avoid the temptation to rush by planning ahead for your companies hiring needs. Except in the rare circumstance of a sudden employee loss, you should always be able to anticipate your companies staffing needs at least a few weeks into the future.

Know What the Position Is Worth

The old axiom, you get what you pay for, definitely applies to the business of hiring employees. For example, if, on average, the computer technician salary per hour is 15.5 in your area, offering less than that isn’t likely to bring you stellar applicants.

That is not to say that you won’t find any good choices in the group but an undervalued employee often becomes the new hire of the competition. If you are trying to be successful in hiring and retaining the best person for the job, it is important to know how much they are worth to both you and your competitors.

Expand Your Search Area

Most of the time, a large search area is a bad thing but, when it comes to hiring the right individual for your company, you really need to open up the range. There are freshly trained, eager new employees graduating from college and entering the workforce, well-seasoned and experienced employees leaving behind old jobs through displacement or discouragement with their present employers.

As well as the up and coming future generation of workers that is heading off to college while happily taking paid or unpaid internships to help them advance towards their own goals. Unfortunately, you are probably not going to find these groups in the 20-mile radius of your parking lot. When you expand the scope of your search, you increase the number of applicants to positions and improve your odds of finding the perfect candidate.

Reward Loyalty

When looking for talented and skilled workers for new positions, don’t overlook the team you already have in place. In many cases, a proven and loyal current employee can be promoted to a new position, leaving lower rung positions available for new hires.

Even if your current team members cannot fill the position themselves, they are likely to have connections with other people in their field and may be able to provide an introduction to these candidates. Consider instituting a system that uses internal promotions and bonuses for referring new employees. It is a highly effective strategy that has been utilized within many successful companies.

Check References

You wouldn’t choose a doctor or hire a carpenter without checking out their references and credentials first. Why would you put your company in the hands of a stranger? We live in the Information Age where most credentials and references can be verified with ease. Use the resources at your disposal to ensure your applicants are who they say they are. A few phone calls now can save your company a lot of headaches down the road.This also goes for other background checks, getting help from companies like CRB Direct when carrying out DBS checks can be vital in the hiring process

Don’t Quit When You’re Done

It is a bit of an oxymoron but it is a key to finding the right person for the job you are offering. Essentially, if 20 qualified people apply for the job and you only interview the first three before making a hiring decision, you miss out on 17 possible new hires simply because you didn’t take the time to interview them. You may have found the perfect candidate at number three but number 20 could be an even better fit.

Ask Questions

The interview is an opportunity for you and prospective employees to get to know each other. It is a chance to see if your goals are in alignment so ask the big questions. Why do you want to work here? Where do you see yourself next year or five years from now? Why do you think I should give you this position instead of someone else? Asking these useful questions puts you in a position to understand whether the candidate is looking for a job or a career and how they will view your company.

Don’t Feel Pressured to Make a Decision

In life, few decisions are improved by pressure. A decision made in haste often leads to regret. When it comes to hiring, don’t let the pressure get to you. If there are no suitable applicants for the job opening, be willing to put a project on the back burner while candidates can be found.

Your business is a vital part of you. You have built it and where it goes from here is your choice. Your team can be your greatest asset if you have chosen them correctly. You can hire the right person every time and these tried and true tips make it easy.