8 Ways to Be Confident and Deliver a Successful Presentation


Confidence is key while delivering a presentation.  If the speaker is hesitant or tentative, his speech will not be considered convincing and credible by the audience no matter how informative it may be.

However, “Be Confident” is easy to say than to follow. Fear is a part and parcel of life and everybody feels intimidated while presenting. Being fearful doesn’t mean a person is not confident. A person can feel both fearful and confident at the same time. The trick is to embrace both the confidence and nervousness and use them as your strength.

Here are 8 tips that can really help boost your confidence and deliver an awe-inspiring presentation without being too intimidated.

 1.Let your pitch do the talking

The most important thing that can make you feel confident is to create a pitch that you are sure will convert. If you are aware that your presentation is logical and informational, you are more likely to deliver your presentation with stern conviction.

This simply means that you need to spend some extra time in optimizing your presentation and follow the basic code of conduct which includes three essential slides; an executive summary, agenda and the final conclusion that you want your audience to draw from your presentation. Some other points could be: use your presentation as a story and narrate it to your audience, add a headline on each slide to make the purpose of the slide clear and use language that is simple to comprehend; don’t make it too elaborate.

Sure, it takes time to create that powerful presentation, but once you have it you will be more than confident to present it.

2.Let PowerPoint Templates guide you

 Creating a powerful pitch is necessary and important as we have mentioned in the above point.

But what if the presenter is not that skilled to create a pitch that engages? What if he doesn’t know the right recipe and the right ingredients?

Well, this is where PowerPoint templates can be your guardian angel protecting you and your pitch. Prepared by experts to impress rather than depress, these pre-designed templates have just the right display and content that will help you create a successful presentation in a snap of a finger. This will ultimately boost your confidence and the belief that you are equipped enough to present like a pro.

 3.Reach greater heights with the altitude principle

 Altitude principal is the secret that makes a good presentation great and a great presentation probably the best.

Now, what is this altitude principle?

Altitude principle is all about the hierarchy of the information that is to be presented. Start with something that is easy to gain momentum. Something that is complicated can be included in the middle. But, don’t conclude with a complicated concept that is difficult to comprehend or with a controversy that your audience will not like. Ending with a controversial statement that your audience won’t find an answer to can really defeat the entire purpose of your presentation.

Remember you don’t want to hit the storm right in the beginning. So, start slow and deal with the turbulence in the middle of the journey. Let your boat sail through the sea smoothly and once it has gained momentum, it will be equipped enough to face all the odds to reach its final destination.

4.Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and then present

Another thing that can really boost your confidence is to present what your audience likes rather than what you want to communicate to them. The biggest mistake that most of the presenters make is that they convey what they want their audience to know, not what interests their audience. If you as a presenter know how to engage your audience, then you will most likely deliver your speech with a lot of confidence because you know your audience is keenly listening to what you are speaking. Their interest is your motivation and confidence.

But, to tap your audience’s interest, you should conduct thorough research on your target audience and present accordingly.

5.Dress to impress

 Well, I know this point is often underestimated but your posture and your clothes reflect your personality. At a single glance, the audience can make out if the presenter is an expert or an amateur. The way he presents, the way he stands, the way he is dressed… everything has an impact on the audience.

So, stand upright in a relaxed body position that screams confidence. Use gestures that emphasize your point and avoid using too many of them as it may confuse your audience.

 6.Practice makes a man perfect

 This is an adage spoken throughout our childhood by our elders. A strategy that can really transform an anxious speaker into a confident one.

For this, it is important that you stop procrastinating and create your pitch well in advance, preferably one day prior to when you have to deliver it. Don’t leave it for the last minute. This will give you sufficient time to practice it in front of people who can give you valuable feedback. Use this feedback and improve upon your speech. You can also practice your pitch in front of a mirror to gain that confidence in your pitch which you might be lacking.

If you know your content well and practiced it multiple times, you will deliver it with more confidence than when you haven’t practiced it. So, practice your speech thoroughly before putting it out there.

7.Breathe life into your dull subjects

 A presenter who is happy and cheerful and knows how to put a smile on his audience’s face screams confidence and conviction.

Always present with a smile rather than a grumpy face. A fresh and energetic face is enough to feel confident and be confident. Though it might be difficult for a presenter who is nervous to be happy but remember use nervousness as your strength, not your weakness. You never know how powerful a weapon it could become until you start embracing it.

8.Remember you are the Expert

 The word “Expert” is powerful enough to turn the table around and also your presentation. You are the master of your presentation. It is your masterpiece, you are its sculptor, and you are talented enough to deliver it with confidence. Therefore, don’t waste your efforts by being nervous or panicky.

You have the knowledge of what is in your presentation, and chances are none in your audience knows much about it. Therefore, just as you have sculpted your presentation, sculpt your speech with confidence. Start with this mind frame, and you are sure to deliver a successful and confident speech without any unnecessary turbulence.

And there you have it – 8 points to showcase the confident presenter that you are beneath the nervous one. Don’t let your nervousness overshadow your confidence and the belief that you have in your presentation. Use these 8 points to guide you and you are sure to deliver a speech that engages your audience as well as boosts the spirit that you already have inside you. Embrace all these points, apply them and you will surely be successful whenever you are to present.