8 Websites to Hire Software Developers for your Startup/Business


Your startup needs to see the light before someone else launches a business with the same product. For this, you need to work with expert developers who can develop the product faster. 

Easier said than done. Right! 

For a startup that just launched or a company with an insufficient or inefficient team, it is not that easy. However, the only way is to hire new developers who can make and take your product to people in order to survive in a competitive world. There is no excuse.

Again, hiring a team is stressful. You’re right! There are concerns such as long process, unproductive time, and budget. Hiring the top talent in your budget, in limited time and most importantly in your area is a big deal. But, that is all a past talk. Thanks to evolving technology, today you can work with top talent from anywhere in the world. With growing popularity, the concept of offshoring has helped businesses a lot. 

The concept of offshoring or hiring an off-shore development team is pretty simple. They work from outside your company making your project cost-effective and profitable in many ways. Most importantly, hiring an off-shore development team saves a lot of time as it eliminates the long recruiting process. Simply put, it is hiring freelancers from a different region where you feel the costs are reasonable. They work the same as they would work in your office.

Most companies are already offshoring rather than handling an in-house team, especially during this pandemic. The good news is that the outcome is not bad. However, your outcome totally depends on the remote team you hire.

So, wondering how to find the right software developers for you from across the globe. Well, there are a few websites that connect employers or businesses with those talented developers. 

This article walks you through such top websites for hiring software developers from around the world effortlessly. So, shall we get started?

Top Platforms for Hiring Software Developers

1. Upwork

Upwork is a well-known freelance platform that connects employers with a huge crowd of freelancers. With over 12 million users (as of 2017) the platform is a giant network of both companies and freelancers. So, Upwork is a great place for you to hunt software engineers for your company that work either hourly base or for a fixed price. It’s easy to use the platform and finish your job. Most importantly, the platform doesn’t charge you for posting the job. You can hire right from data entry freelancers to web developers, virtual assistants and legal advisors.

But the only catch is that all the freelancers on the platform are leisurely vetted. Moreover, the platform has a huge crowd with basic to expert skills.

Meaning, a lot of work is left on your side. Therefore, quick hiring is definitely not possible. It takes some time and several interviews to find that right developer who matches with your requirements. Although, if you are looking for a short-term project such as rewriting a short code or designing a layout of your website, then this platform serves your purpose.

In order to hire software developers you want for your company through Upwork – you need to post a job, invite more people to apply for your job, and shortlist a few based on your requirements.

2. Toptal

Toptal is the largest platform with world-class talent and successful clients. Unlike Upwork, the platform leverages employers to hire global top talent from millions of freelance software developers, product managers, project managers and designers. Therefore, if you are a well-resourced startup who can afford the rigorously tested and vetted talent, this platform is for you.

Toptal guarantees “hire under 48 hours” and no complicated process during hiring. You need to just talk to their industry experts, explain your requirements and wait at least 24 hours to work with their hand-selected talent.

The best part with Toptal is that it lets you work with your new developer on a trial basis.

3. Developers for Hire

Developers For Hire is the website you need to visit if you are looking for the candidate that accurately matches your requirements. The website asks you a few questions about your project, budget and requirements to pick the freelancers that best fit for your needs.

Investing time for training the candidates or letting them adjust to your culture or even longer hiring process makes no sense for a startup company. In such cases, Developers For Hire comes in handy as their algorithm reflects the list of developers according to your needs within seconds.

4. YouTeam

YouTeam is an exceptional platform with a great network of agencies and fast-growing tech companies. It is a dedicated platform for hiring offshore developers who work full-time in agencies. Therefore, you can hire the talent that is continuously working on the same kinds of projects. Meaning, you save the time as you need not explain much.

As every developer you find on the YouTeam talent pool is interviewed and verified by top experts, you need not worry much about the team you hire. Instead, you can focus more on other important things. Moreover, you have the leverage to scale the team, and make any adjustments to the project.

You can hire developers from either agencies or contracts on a monthly basis. In addition, you will get a project manager who leads the team as the developers on YouTeam work at agencies. Therefore, the website is the perfect spot for you to find freelance developers for both long-term and short-term. Moreover, the website doesn’t charge you for finding the developers. You only need to pay for the work done. Hence, this falls in your budget.

5. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a large online community with trusted developers on the web. It is generally a platform for developers to share and gain knowledge of coding. However, it offers companies a space called “Talent Solutions” for finding the right candidate for their technical team.

Employers can post jobs and the website finds the right match with their AI technology. This is suitable for long term hire.

Though creating a company page and posting an ad on the website is free, recruiters will have to pay for ads to fasten up their hiring process.

6. GitHub Jobs

Hunting in an area where professional coders already exist is the best way to find that right talent for your company. GitHub has a vast community with over 50 million developers that contribute to shaping the future of software.

So, hiring an expert software engineer through GitHub is easy. It introduced GitHub Jobs where employers can create a job post listing. You need to pay $450 per listing though. Your listing remains live for 30 days.

7. Codepen.io/jobs

CodePen is one of the world’s largest coders communities where you can find over 2.8 million developers. This is a great website dedicated to connect you with front-end developers, full-stack developers and designers. Same as other websites, you can hire the talent for your team from any part of the world.

8. LinkedIn

A good old website with over 675 million members. The platform has created a space for students, employees, freelancers and businesses to showcase their professional strengths and share knowledge. Hence, you can’t ignore this website to find the right fit for your startup.

LinkedIn lets you find people with keywords, say “full stack developer”, connect with people of your interests, and post jobs. Therefore you can post a job, promote it or connect with top talent and schedule an interview.

However, no matter what website you choose, it is important to verify the experience, test skills and review feedback of the candidate before you hire.

Bottom Line

It’s definitely daunting to spot the right software developer for your team from a vast pool of applicants. Especially, when you are just starting your business or developing a product and running out of time. However, with a handful of legit and effective websites to hire right fits, finding the right talent should not be painful. Needless to say, with a high-demand and less availability of talent in your place, hiring offshore developers is a smart choice. Therefore, the above mentioned websites come in handy whenever you need a high-end developer to build your product and grow your business.

However, you need to invest little time to choose the right website based on your needs as hitting a wrong website (for your need) might cost you both time and money. Say, when you are in search of a developer to perform a small gig, you can choose Upwork. Whereas, if you need an engineer to develop your product and work along with your team for sometime, you should choose a reliable platform such as YouTeam, Toptal or Developers For Hire.