9 Foolproof Tips to Get a Personal Loan


A day to day job is not always enough to cover all your needs. What is more, not everyone is ready to start a new business just to make more money. A wonderful option for improving your financial situation is taking a personal loan. You can easily find the best place to get a personal loan and apply for financial assistance there. However, while this is a convenient option, fast money is only a temporary solution. Thus, you are advised to follow these smart tips before taking a personal loan to make the best out of it!

Consider Other Options

There are two main types of personal loans – secured and unsecured ones. Usually, secured loans come at a cheaper interest rate. Therefore, if you have gold, car or other securities, first try this opportunity before jumping into a personal loan with high interest.

Compare the Rates

Interest rates are usually different in various banks, so before taking a personal loan compare the rates and choose the most optimal variant. Also, take into account pre-closure charges, processing and documentation charges.

Check your Credit Record

Each time you take a loan you construct your credit at the same time. Lenders always check your credit score before making the decision to approve your personal loan. If you apply for too many loans, your score decreases and therefore influences on your future applications. As a result, your application may either be disapproved or approved with higher interest rate.

Pay Attention to the Loan Document

Read the loan document thoroughly and pay attention to all details before signing it. Look at terms and conditions for possible hidden extra fees and charges. Ensure this information matches with what was agreed upon when you were applying for the loan. Beware of any hidden rocks and inaccurate information.

Don’t Forget about Repayment

Use the money from your personal loan productively, because repayment time will definitely come. It’s quite fast and easy to apply for a loan, but much more difficult to repay it. So it’s better to stick to your initial goals and not to waste this money. Better take a loan only if you actually need it.

Select the Right Lender

Credit unions, banks, and online lenders are common financing sources for offering personal loans. Each of these sources offers different terms and interest rates. So research and find the most suitable lender before making a rash decision.

Read about the Fines

Make sure to ask for a detailed and full version of all the loan terms and conditions and read the fine print. Terms may differ from one lender to another. They can include fees for late payments as well as fees for early repayment. This may sound strange for you; however, this is a common practice, especially when you are offered tempting low-interest rate. Also, pay attention to monthly payment as well as repayment terms.

Make Your Credit Score Accurate

There is a huge difference between interest rate you are offered if you have bad or good credit score. For example, you can pay about 8% interest rate with a good credit score and 20% or higher rate with bad credit score. That’s why it is advised to be responsible so that your credit score is accurate. Also, some lenders of personal loans report only missed payments, so if you want to boost your credit score and profile better ask the lender to include your on-time payments in the report as well.

Take Loan You Can Afford

Some lenders may offer attractive interest rates or other tricks to make you take more money and later fall into a debt trap. However, you must keep your eyes open, resist the temptation irrespective of your current financial situation and only take the money you can afford to repay.