9 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should use SMS marketing


As the businesses are growing leaps and bounds,  marketing techniques have to be used in an effective way. There are various marketing techniques. Each has its own benefits and disadvantages. SMS marketing technique is one such technique used to achieve the desired result. If there is a proper SMS campaign, then there will be much traction to this.

Want to communicate with people and sustain in this competitive world? SMS marketing is the sure technique for this.

What is an SMS marketing campaign all about?

Communicating with customers at the appropriate time and place. It aims to give personalized messages through mobiles. It connects with the customers through a designated SMS marketing platform. Also, aims to bridge the gap by promoting sales. Small businesses can take huge advantage of mobile marketing by informing about the clearance sale, end of season deals, any novel offers etc., every now and then. Push, beacons and geofencing notification play a remarkable role in this.

Can you imagine the harvest without watering it? No right. Even SMS marketing reaps the same to the business. If the customers are watered just like the harvest, they feel engaged and gains loyalty through it.

How to plan for effective SMS marketing?

SMS has most of the click-through rates and mostly read. Therefore, it is vital to run an efficient SMS marketing campaign for immediate results.

  • Prior to starting the campaign, the basic thing is to understand the rules of SMS marketing and move on
  • Since SMS marketing lures the customers in a fraction of seconds, it is important to take time into consideration. Send SMS when the buyers are in the urge of buying the things. Take, for instance, a pizza delivery shop should send SMS at noon to gain more traction. In this way, you can attract new customers
  • The messages should be less than crisp, to the point, and short. Restrict the message only to 160 characters or less
  • Whatever way you follow, it is always important to include CTA’s in the text messages. Without a proper CTA (call-to-action), there will be no choice left to the customers as what the next step is. The dead-end of the company will only be known by these CTA’s.

Why should small businesses adopt the SMS marketing strategy

At present, businesses of all sizes are designing nascent techniques of alluring the customers. SMS marketing when integrated into these techniques helps to go a long distance. Finish the race and blow a final whistle with this SMS marketing. Making a long distance journey needs hard work, tenacity and concentration.

In addition to the above three below are the few reasons to help you reach the final destination.

   1. Generates quick feedback

There are proven researches that most of the customers respond to the survey via smartphones. Smartphones are everywhere and became part and parcel. They became handy like your vehicle keys and amount. Small businesses can rely on SMS marketing and receive the results instantaneously within the shortest duration of time. The minimum responding time is less than five minutes.

Great feedback from the customer is valuable for small businesses. Through this itself they can make the journeys longer. Include surveys while sending an SMS. This helps to improvise the customer’s products. The surveys can help businesses in studying market trends and understand their likes and dislikes.

  1. Instant deliverability

Text messages are like a cricket match when the baller bowls, it reaches the batsman in a jiffy. Mobile messages are no different. These are usually delivered within a fraction of minutes. Average time to reach the mobile message is only 10 seconds. Businesses can aim at sending the time-sensitive information promptly.

According to the data, most of the users check their messages on smartphones at dawn. When compared to email deliverability SMS deliverability without a doubt is a worthwhile investment for a small business.

  1. Open rate and Conversion rate are high

The attention span for SMS marketing is extremely high. This makes the marketing campaign more effective. With almost 90% of open rate, mobile marketing has increased almost three times more than that of email marketing. Brands need not go weary about creating creative subject lines which allures the customers to open the message. All the motivation which small businesses need is the buzz which goes off.

As the businesses open rates increases, the conversion rate also increases. Mobile users often acknowledge CTA’s in mobile messages more than any other marketing approaches. The reason for high conversion rate is to have a short and crisp message. They do not include any unwanted links and unnecessary images. The CTA’s are concise and clear.

4.Maximizes brand loyalty

If done effectively by following all the guidelines, SMS marketing seizes immediate customer feedback. By including surveys it builds brands accountability and resonance.

Studies have shown that customers are more inclined towards the loyalty programs which come in handy and accessible through smartphones. Since  95% of smartphones have text messaging capabilities, it is evident why small businesses have to opt for SMS campaigning. It is best opted to engage the customers by giving reward updates, offering loyalty programs and more.

  1. Easy

SMS marketing is like a pot of treasure which can quickly and easily grab the attention of the users. They can easily launch SMS marketing and turn their databases into the treasured gold. With the right tools and platforms in place, anyone who knows the tactics of marketing capabilities can orchestrate this effective SMS campaign.

With delightful luck at its show, take implement it into the business and keep text messaging the users. SMS marketing can transform even a negative disposition into a positive one. It is like a gift to the small businesses which comes in an easy way.

  1. Affordable

It need not be a large firm to reap the benefits of your SMS marketing. Even small businesses like retailers, schools restaurants, service providers can also leverage on this. Promote the businesses with exclusive offers, targeting the right customers, in a cost-effective manner. Compared with all the exorbitant expenditure a clear and typically planned SMS marketing campaign attracts more customers.

The more affordable the SMS marketing campaign is, the more successful the business is. These have been proven as the best opt-in numbers to boots the sales.

  1. A closer relationship with customers

SMS’s by nature is a personal way of communicating with users. Most people have their smartphones handy anywhere at any time. To reap the most benefit of this personal approach, it is essential to send the messages on a regular basis. Depending on the messages types it is important to send two to four messages initially is a good start. This increases the rapport with the target customers. It is equally important not to send too many texts at the same time. Regular conversation with the customers keeps the business at the fore and competitors at bay.

  1. Undeniable ROI

When implementing a new strategy, all the business looks at is ROI. How much return on investment it gives without losing the money. A well-curated SMS can increase the gross sales and doubles your initial investment. But ensure that the ROI is calculated only under specific situations. Take, for instance, you should never strike the chord between social and mobile marketing campaigns.

However, there are many instances where SMS marketing increases your ROI:

  • The content should convey a meaningful message and it should be to the point
  • Message them to lure and keep in the loop
  • Personal alerts like account updates and notifications
  • There should be quick access for an important message

9.A new concept

What does SMS marketing imply to small businesses? It is a way to stay ahead of the curve. There is a long path to make with this. By being an early bird to rise above the competition. Show your customers you care about them with all the updated marketing trends. The worst thing that can happen to the small business is becoming a laggard.

Imagine climbing the mountain, it is difficult to climb right. It is the toughest journey ever and takes a long time. Many have scaled by climbing and few failed what’s the difference between them. What’s the difference between a winner and a failure. The way of implementing a new concept. So, implement this new concept and win the customers heart by climbing the mountain.

But remember there are thorns while climbing, avoid them by keeping updated with the latest trends. In a nutshell, every small business owner should avail the benefits of  SMS marketing and the good returns it provides.


Mobile messaging is a very alluring marketing strategy. It can effectively and efficiently be used on par with the other marketing channels like outdoor promotions, social media and email. It is important that all these marketing strategies work in tandem with the right blend to deliver the value. There is every scope of improving the business with the right mix of every channel and every campaign. Don’t miss estimating the effectiveness of the SMS campaign and fine -tune it. So, happy texting and make the most of this campaign.