A Few Ways to Monetize Your Hobbies in Today’s Popular Gig Economy


It’s safe to say that during the past year, since the onset of quarantine and the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans struggled to keep in good financial graces. Many industries were forced to lay off workers and numerous places of business had no alternative but to shut down entirely. 

As the economy is slowly getting back on track, more Americans are finding lucrative options for dealing with the lack of work and the lack of employment availability. 

This is where the “Gig Economy” became a strong option for those needing to make money in place of losing their primary employment. While many Americans found ease by taking on remote occupational roles, others found that monetizing their hobbies was also a lucrative option. 

Here, we’ll explore a few hobbies and (in some cases) raw talents that you can use to add a few extra dollars to your bank account.


The world of crafting is vast, and it contains everything from creating jewelry to making shadow boxes or picture frames. As such, crafting is a subjective trade. You essentially create the items you love and find buyers through a bit of legwork online or out in your local community. Perhaps you like making jewelry, labels, or creating postcards or “Thank You” notes. No matter your preferred trade, there are resources abound to help you make the best crafts possible.

Digital Media 

The amount of media in the online world today is astounding. If you can picture an idea in your head, chances are, someone has made an image that relates to your exact idea. This is how artisans specializing in digital media make their money, by taking an idea and creating images to suit. 

Today, with remote work in full swing, freelance media designers are in high demand. If you have a knack for creating digital images, think about setting up your own online shop to promote and sell your digital artwork.

Whether you create infographics or you like to reproduce Marvel Universe characters, chances are there’s a viable market for you and your work.


Some creatives have a unique sense of style. If this sounds like you, consider developing your own clothing line. You can start small of course, possibly with items like scarfs, bows and shirts, then you can expand to larger items such as jackets, pants and suits. The possibilities are limitless here, and there are also valuable resources to help you.

Raw materials are easy to come by at virtually any hobby or textile stores, so you won’t be limited on colors or choices in fabric and accessories. 

In order to make your brand stand out, consider personalizing your line with custom labels or tags. Wunderlabel is a great online resource for producing bulk cotton labels and many other items, and you can easily customize them to suit your specific style and taste. For example, if you own a T-shirt business, you can order Wunderlabel cotton labels to not only promote your brand but these labels are very durable and can withstand many washes.

Fine Art

If you’re an artist and you’re not actively promoting your work, you’re probably missing out on potential financial gains.

The art world is enormous, and within it, you can find something for everyone. Whether you like creating non-representational artwork, abstract images, or contemporary impressionist works, be sure that there is a market for you in any medium.

Abstract and non-representational artists often find their biggest buyers in the interior design and hotel design markets. All it takes is a bit of old-fashioned legwork and networking to get your work hanging on a wall. It might take some time, but persistence is key.

For those who specialize in sculpture or installations, perhaps a gallery would be better suited for your creations. 

Talking with fellow artists in your community, and being actively involved in the art world will lead you to places where you may have not thought to sell your art. 

Options Are as Endless as the Imagination 

In the world of crafting, gigs, and side-hustles, the options you have are as vast as the human imagination. 

If you have a knack for writing, hire out as a freelancer, or apply for some remote freelance writing jobs. Many entry-level writing jobs are available, and if you have a bit of work to showcase, that’s an even greater asset.

Blogging is also a lucrative option. Many websites will pay you for your blog posts, sometimes up to 300 dollars per post or more.

If you enjoy teaching, Zoom classes have become extremely popular lately, especially during quarantine, and they haven’t slowed down. Even if your passion is cooking or mixology, you can set up a Zoom class and make money off of teaching others the skills and techniques you’ve learned.

No matter what your hobby or trade is, be certain that there are many ways for you to monetize these skills, and get a bit of cushion back in your bank account.