A Guide to Organising an Outdoor Corporate Event


If you are in the marketing field, you will already know of the value that a live corporate event can bring to your campaign, and it can be a very cost effective way to get your message across, providing it is well planned and implemented. The secret to a successful corporate event is planning, and the more time you have, the better. Nothing can be left to chance and with a firm budget in mind, the organiser is tasked with choreographing an event that will generate interest and project the right image to the target audience, and with that in mind, here are some important things to bear in mind when organising an outdoor corporate event.

  • Outsource – While you may have certain resources at your disposal, the vast majority of your needs will be outsourced. One cannot take any chances with the catering, for example, so make sure you use someone who has extensive experience in the corporate world of hospitality, and with online companies that offer portable toilet hire, you have your restroom needs covered, and if you are planning on using a marquee, allow adequate notice for the supplier, especially if your event happens to fall around Christmas, which is their busy period. The audio visual set up must be top notch, and generally, the supplier would send a technician to survey the venue and design the set up around that.
  • Parking Facilities – Obviously, you have a planned attendance figure, which will enable you to calculate the number of vehicles to cater for, and don’t forget relevant signage to guide your guests to the event, and this information could be included in the invitation package. If you are using a resort or hotel to host the event, then parking space is not an issue you need to concern yourself with.
  • The Scheduled Program – The meat and potatoes of the event, your program needs to be well choreographed and there’s no such thing as too much practice. All the performers/presenters must be on the same page and everyone should have a copy of the schedule, and with a few dry runs, everyone will be ready. The audio-visual system needs to be adequate for the number of people attending, and you can never have enough spare microphone batteries, which are essential items that do sometimes get overlooked. The laptop you plan to use could suddenly decide to quit, so have at least one other machine as a standby, and while you are at it, copy all of the presentations onto a memory stick, which might just save your life!
  • Maximise ROI – Why not hire a videographer and have the event live on your Facebook page? You could use the footage to create a promo DVD, which can be handed out to new clients or used as a backdrop at that up and coming trade show. After a professional digital video production company is finished, you will have a quality promotional item that will do wonders for your corporate image, and you can take some stills from the footage and use them on printed media.
  • Crafted is a great example of a company that offers professional video production for your business. Visit their website to find out more. 

In former times, sourcing all the essential services was a job in itself, yet today, everything from the catering to portable toilet hire is available from online suppliers, and with some careful coordination, the event will exceed your expectations, something that will do your career prospects no harm at all.