A Look At Some Common Tips To Help Customer Service Teams Improve Their Performance


Contrary to common belief, companies can receive bad press as a result of poor customer service. Research shows that e-mails continue to be the primary way that companies provide customer support. While you are looking for comprehensive managed IT services, you must gain an understanding of some things that may be considered bad press for your customer service team. With that being said, here is a look at some popular customer service tricks to help increase customer satisfaction.

Avoid Recorded Responses
While sending an automated response may seem like a good idea, there are potentially more negatives than positives. Setting up an automated response that only offers partial information makes it seem like your customer service team is uninterested in answering the question.

Always Try To Assist
Try to help solve the customer’s issue instead of forwarding the problem to another team. By seeking to pass off the inquiry, your customers may get angry. The last thing your customers want is to wait several hours for someone to solve their problem. Even if you are unable to help the customer, find a way to make a difference.

Use Personal Greetings
Try to greet the customer by their first name. That could leave the customer with a memorable impression of your customer service team. Make sure that you double-check the address line before sending the reply. Avoid misspelling the customer’s name, as that is a clear sign that you don’t value their support. Try to add some personal details when you reply to an issue. That will help your customers feel special.

Take A Casual Approach
Research has shown that many customers prefer to speak with customer service reps who use regular language instead of overly scripted dialogue. Research also shows that customers prefer casual responses from customer service representatives instead of formal ones. Try to engage in common friendly dialogue with the customer. That will help them feel more comfortable.

Watch Your Phrasing
Try to sound as human as possible when you are interacting with your customers. Assure the customers that you are committed to doing whatever it takes to solve their issues. Avoid phrasing that sounds too impersonal. You may receive lots of positive feedback simply by asking questions. Ask the customer about some of the features that they would like to see improved. Use their feedback to change your service.

Always Show Appreciation
Being polite is still very valuable. Don’t forget to say thank you when you receive an inquiry. Always show appreciation for your customers and let them know that you are grateful for their support.

Use Deep Links
If a customer asks you for help, do not send them a generic link and assure them that the answer to their issue is located in the link. Very few people are interested in searching through a bunch of generic links to find the answer to their question; this is a lazy approach to handling customer service issues. Consider offering deep links that directly help your customers solve their issues.