When pursuing an MBA, students should put thought into the school’s location, class schedule, the program’s options for specializations and the school’s commitment to opening up opportunities for networking. Three primary benefits to studying part time in Toronto include the ability to implement skills directly on the job, keeping your job while studying and earning a degree while working with a flexible structure.

It’s important to invest time and money into a school that can not only provide a solid textbook education in theories of business but one that can also provide opportunities for students to apply new skills while studying. When the time comes for someone working in business to upgrade their skills and build lasting relationships, a part-time MBA is often a great return on investment.

When you complete your MBA part time in a major city, the workplace becomes a laboratory as students can apply skills they pick up in the classroom directly to their workplace. Imagine learning a new entrepreneurial concept in class over the weekend and being able to walk into work on Monday and try it out? Part-time MBA programs cater their educational strategy to the student who is already working, allowing for an introduction to key theories and concepts that students can immediately implement as part of their business practice.

Many students work while pursuing an MBA which is ideal because they can still earn a full-time salary and implement their new training while on the job. Many companies look to promote employees from within, and some will even subsidize an employee’s education if they show promise. Part-time MBA programs in Toronto offer classes that take place outside the typical work week in locations that are close to where many people in the business sector already work.

Some adult students choose these part-time MBA programs because they are working as well as dealing with other primary obligations. A school with a flexible class structure allows for students to maintain their busy lifestyles while still receiving a premium degree on their own terms. Many schools give students the option of completing an accelerated degree, or extending the completion so they can focus on other facets of their lives.

The Lazaridis School of Business & Economics offers a part-time MBA degree with a variety of specializations allowing students to choose a subject that best fits their needs — such as investment banking, marketing, and financial management. The school offers nine different specialization options: Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, International Business Management, Marketing, Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management, and Operations Management. Located in the core of Toronto’s financial district, the school offers part-time options for study on Friday evenings and Saturday daytime, on alternating weekends. MBA degrees can be completed in as little at 2.3 years and extended to 5 years, depending on the personal needs of the student.

There’s no need to sacrifice any part of your busy schedule while pursuing an MBA whether it be time you spend networking, maintaining current relationships, or time spent earning a full-time salary. It is in the best interest of these schools to create a flexible environment that attracts high-functioning winners in business — people like you.