After the two major Google updates named Panda and Penguin, many people seemed to think that SEO strategies were entering a state of a slump. The silence in the trenches also helped to magnify this misconception. Given the state of the current events, with outstanding headlines being generated almost daily, this wasn’t much of a surprise.

Whatever we may have thought about SEO going away can be disregarded, however, as the publishing strategy has been updated and reworked by Google. This has given an opening for new link building strategies to come forward and spark the interest of developers. Always remember that link building is based on the developer’s ability to grasp the added value of a brand or product. With that in mind, promotion efforts should come easily.

It is also important to consider that as a developer you will need to highlight the qualities of the product being promoted based on the requests of your client. Your link-building strategy will only be as good as your imagination and the ability to create engaging content. Combine engaging content with an excellent social network campaign, and you create strong links. Having said that, we present you with some of the best link building strategies you can try in 2018:

Resource Promotions

The most reliable asset you can have for a profitable link strategy is a resource that people find engaging enough to interact with for hours. A unique webpage is just that and building one that is accessible, enticing, and inviting is easier than ever with the endless resources for web development that are available. The drawback is that you still need to promote the website and build links to it so your potential customer base knows that you are out there. Always remember that what you are offering is not always a landing page to make a sale. There is so much that you can offer in the form of unbiased information and knowledge about what you bring to the table.

You can choose one of the following:

  • Blog Posts or Written content related to your services
  • Interactive services related to your offerings such as quote calculators or open software
  • Engaging visual images such as webcomics or infographics
  • Research or Studies about your products
  • Tutorials, webinars or any form of free content

Resources are also related (but not limited to) simpler alternatives such as quotes, the logo of the company, exclusive promotions or events that company sponsors

Mention Link Building

Mention Links is not precisely a shady strategy, but it’s often used by unpopular outlets to generate revenue by hits. Established brands, however, can get an increase as high as 25% of their business if they handle this strategy correctly. The basics are simple: use every chance you have to drop the name of the company or the services it provides as promotional content on other websites and make sure there is always a link landing to any part of your site attached to it. Mention links also work with text that is related to your services in any form, hell it can even work with misspellings done on purpose.

Here are some of the most popular ways to use mention links:

  • Sponsored content or events related to your services being promoted online.
  • Research based on your services or publications centered on related products to your niche.
  • Keywords or Misspelling wording
  • Logos or characters related to your company

Keep in mind that although you will find people willing to talk about your products in a good light and on good faith, there will be a lot that is going the other way. You can either engage the creators of your positive reviews to place the link or you can work out a deal with them.

Content Link Building

People on the internet love to share their experiences using a product, a lot of bloggers make a career by writing content about products. This is a real and tested method to build links to your website. You can either set up a few blogs on your end or pay off written content promoting your services with a few links. The best way to make sure this strategy is successful is by having your main asset (your website) full of relatable and engaging content for your potential customers. Make sure you answer their questions and talk about common issues shared by the community you wish to engage. By solving their problems in ways that make sense and speak to their sensibilities, you are very likely to get more conversions.

As you can see, securing links takes some effort and a lot of resources, but once you have secured the uniqueness of a brand, you will have half the work done on your end. Happy link building!


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