A Rundown Of Building That Budget Gaming Setup


The microchip shortage is impacting the technology sector on a never before seen scale. With prices skyrocketing for chips, we are now seeing widespread price inflation and chip scalping. This can make it difficult to get the tech you need at an affordable rate for your next setup.

That is, until now. These are some tactics you can employ to build a setup to see you through the shortage if you are in dire need. That being said, do thorough research into the parts you buy and any compatibility issues you may come across.

Take A Look At Your Local Tech Shop

When we say local, we are not referring to your local branch of a tech company chain. We are talking about independent tech stores with passionate experts. 

A good place to start is looking up independent tech shops and seeing what stock they have available, be it spares or equipment from recently repaired machines. Many local tech shops will sell refurbished parts. That being said, they are usually sold without a warranty or with a reduced warranty. 

You can also reach out to local tech experts, they may not have a storefront, but they will no doubt have spare parts they are willing to sell on.

Consider Buying Refurbished Server Parts

Now this one sounds like a stretch, but server parts can work for more universal gaming applications. Parts like central processing units (CPUs) or power supplies (PSUs) offer compatibility. 

If going this route it is vital that you double-check compatibility between chipsets, because they can vary in server components versus components regularly used in gaming setups. A reputable place to shop for refurbed server parts, especially CPUs, is ETB Tech. They focus on enterprise tech but a lot of it can handle gaming applications.

That being said, I cannot stress enough the importance of verifying you are buying parts that can do the job you want them to do. Keep in mind that server parts may vary in terms of their overall performance (as they aren’t designed for gaming). 

That being said, if you need a part now just to bide you over for a year or so, then this is a good option.

Take A Look At Older Generations

Another common thing to do when looking at a budget gaming setup is to consider older generations of a graphics card or any type of chip for that matter.

However, before the cogs get turning and you take a look at server graphics cards as a valid replacement, stop right there. They are not the same kind of graphics chips and you will absolutely have compatibility issues.

When looking at older generations, we are talking about older generations of gaming graphics cards. They will be less sought after and generally cheaper overall.

You can then look into overclocking these cards to improve their specifications within recommended overclocking parameters. 

It may be a good idea to talk to a more experienced tech expert about this though, as older cards tend to burn out quickly when overclocked due to their age.

In Summary

There are options out there for budget setups if you put your mind to it. Now, these methods won’t last years upon years, so do keep that in mind when planning a DIY saviour build. 

But they will help you bridge the gap for now until the chip shortage fades away into nothing but a distant, forlorn memory.