ADCB’s TouchPoints: Multiple Categories to Fit Your Needs


The ADCB TouchPoints loyalty program is an award-winning program that provides customers with redeemable points, that will allow them to get rewards in return. ADCB’s TouchPoints categories provide these points to facilitate many aspects of customers’ lives and provide them with many leisure services that they can enjoy. 

What is ADCB’s TouchPoints Program?

It is a program that provides you with rewards each time you avail any of ADCB’s services. It also provides you with rewards that are specially designed for customers simply by using any product or service from ADCB. These services that deliver TouchPoints include bill payments, opening a savings account, applying for a personal loan or by simply using ADCB’s credit or debit cards. Customers can also get points when using ADCB’s E-channels. (1)

Top 8 ADCB TouchPoints’ Categories

  1. Offers:
    The TouchPoints program provides its users with many offers that they can enjoy, such as a 15% discount from Al Jaber Optical instantly upon redeeming ADCB’s TouchPoints, a 50 % discount on instant redemption of points at Corpofino Spa and Clinic. One of the most notable offers is getting a 20 % off UK College of Business and Computing’s BTEC, ACCA and English language training programs.
  2. E-Commerce:
    ADCB’s TouchPoints offer you a wide variety of discount choices in the E-commerce business. One of the most notable offers is for Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. This offer gives you a 15 % discount on all merchandise and 10 % discount on food and beverages. It also provides you with 50 AED upon redeeming 8,334 TouchPoints on the Warner Bros. Website.
  3. Instant redemption:
    Customers will get a 50 AED discount on many leisure outlets’ services such as cafes, restaurants, travel agencies and many others.
  4. Travel miles:
    ADCB’s TouchPoints rewards offer you travel miles from both Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines. You will get 5000 Skywards miles from Emirates and 1000 Guest miles from Etihad.
  5. Zakat and donation:
    Customers can even convert ADCB’s TouchPoints into donated funds to charity once they choose to redeem their points in the humanitarian field. For example, you can donate 50 AED once you redeem 11,500 points. There are many charities to donate to with the same number of points such as the Red Crescent Society, the World Wildlife Fund, and several others.
  6. Bill payments and Salik:
    You can pay your Salik and telecommunication bills by redeeming your ADCB TouchPoints. If you redeem 11,500 points, you will get 50 AED in return.
  7. Voucher redemption:
    ADCB’s customers can enjoy a wide variety of discounts upon redeeming 40,000 points, allowing them to get a 200 AED voucher at any leisure outlet like malls and entertainment centers. You can get offers from travel agencies and retail outlets as well.
  8. School fees:
    You will get a 50 AED discount on any school fee payment once you redeem 11,500 of ADCB’s TouchPoints. 

ADCB’s TouchPoints categories offer a multitude of options for ADCB card holders that they can use and enjoy in their daily activities. It is a valuable opportunity for ADCB customers in the UAE to indulge in a higher quality of life. 

1-TouchPoints program