Adding Watermark To Your PDF Documents With PDFBear’s Tool


If users want to mark their documents with a watermark, they are the person or the owners who created the file document. This step can be used in business-related topics that help the recipients of the flies know about their sources. Watermarks usually have a logo design that can be seen underneath the document.

If users want to add a watermark to their PDF file, they can either put a generated document with a watermark or place a watermark into a different system. They must first convert the PDF format before doing this process. Somehow, technology gives the best method in adding a watermark on their documents.

What Is PDFBear?

PDFBear is a web-based tool that gives users a simple method and process to add watermark to PDF files. They can also provide many conversion tools such as splitting PDF, merging PDF and converting PDFs. It also works in any cloud-based tools that can be opened in any document or files that the users use.

The best part of choosing a PDFBear tool has a free process, and it will give users a fast result that will shock them because other online tools are so slow in processing any conversion tool. There are many things to do if you choose this online tool, and it will give users less hassle in making any task that is assigned to them.

This tool can offer a Pro subscription, but they can also try the free edition with a 14-day trial. Users may encounter different websites that give a mechanism for adding a watermark on their PDFs. But, there are many threats online, and they must be careful of their files by choosing a trusted conversion tool. PDFBear is the most popular and most trusted tool available online.

Drag The PDFs To The Website

Users can drag the PDF files to the web-page to begin the process. They can also access and visit the site and click the select file button to transfer and upload all their documents. This site will keep and encrypt SSL, and all of the uploaded files will be supported in a safe place. They will preserve and protect the privacy of every client from any risks.

Type Text OR Choose An Image

Users are free to make changes or customize their watermarks from the PDF files. They can choose an image or type a text that will serve as their watermark. This tool has various varieties of fonts from size, theme, and styles. They can now choose what they want and expect a better outcome. The user’s watermarks will be crystal clear.

Modify Positions

After choosing their desired file in their watermarks, they can now pick a position where they would want to be placed. The logo can be seen on each page of the watermark. They can have the freedom to pick and choose to customize the file or document’s typography and transparency.

An essential thing in this PDF tool is the ability to support different kinds of platforms. They can use it whether they are browsing with any platform or using any devices they desire to use. There will be a hassle-free transaction for all users in generating their watermark to PDF files.

Apply Changes And Save

After they are done modifying the watermark, they can now apply or customize the file changes and save them on a chosen device. They can also use the Google Drive and Dropbox accounts in keeping these platforms. When they are finished, the system will automatically delete all the inputs for the protection of their users.

Ready For Download

When the users are happy with the outcome and how the watermark looks on their PDF files, they can now apply various changes, and after that, they can already download the file with a watermark. Users can download files easily and quickly for just a few seconds. After the download is finished, they can now send or share their files with anyone.


Watermarking the user’s PDFs has a protection privacy system that protects all files from viruses and hackers. They can see a lot of physical watermarks on the lege and government records. If they want to generate the PDF file, it will automatically be identified as high information. Users can now add a watermark as long as it operates in the non-digital setting.

There are a lot of reasons why users should add watermarks to their PDF files. Thanks to the updated technology because it has a method that makes all the transactions easier for the users, watermarking PDF files is a hassle-free tool because of the PDFBear’s tool. Users can follow the simple steps and processes for them to complete their tasks.