Adopting the Agile Management Approach: Everything You Need to Know


Whether you’ve been considering implementing agile project management within your own organisation or you’ve watched it make an impact on the business world over the years, adopting lasting change within your processes and procedures is a big task to take on. The many benefits of agile mean that once your whole team is on board with your transformation, you’ll never look back. However, it’s important to bear in mind how organisation-wide change can impact your working life, and what bumps in the road you need to look out for. 

What is agile project management? 

Rather than more traditional project management set up, agile focuses on reaching goals in incremental stages. By putting collaboration and communication first, teams can work more quickly and effectively. Thanks to constant communications, agile working can also dramatically reduce risks for businesses with targets to hit, improving working life for stakeholders, external clients, leadership teams and grass-roots staff.

How can your business adopt agile transformation smoothly? 

If your agile transformation seems too big of a task to take on, you could consider an agile consultancy or professional expertise to ensure your change process is moving seamlessly. Fractal Systems offer on the ground support, working with each member of your team to achieve buy-in from your whole organisation. Enlisting the help of expert support will keep you moving forward, embedding change that will make a lasting impact. 

Ensure confidence at every level 

Agile is implemented by every person in your team, from C-suite leadership to the grass-roots level. Getting to grips with agile project management requires every link in the chain to work together. If even one individual isn’t ready to embrace the change, you’ll find it more difficult to transform your business smoothly and effectively. To stop your transformation from stalling as a result of this, you should build in support and discussion about the changes taking place, within your whole team from the get-go. 

Don’t expect change to happen overnight

No matter how ready you are to embrace a new project style, company-wide change will take a long time to implement fully. Rather than focusing on rushing the change process through, it’s better to take the time to do things properly. While many businesses are open to adopting more modern ways of working, it’s important to recognise that agile has an impact on every aspect of your organisation. From your processes to your people, to your hiring structures, working to integrate agile should be a long-term, lasting process.  

Make sure you have buy-in from your leadership team

For those who have been in the business for years, the prospect of project management that upturns the traditional waterfall approach could seem very daunting. Because of this, it’s crucial to ensure every member of your leadership team is fully on board with the change you’re implementing. Especially if your business operates over multiple departments, offices or even countries, your teams are likely to look to the highest operating individuals in your organisation to lead the change. Ensuring these leaders not only support but actively champion agile project management will help you effectively integrate agile as your business continues to grow. 

Focus on reaching shared goals 

Finally, as your agile transformation is taking place, it’s important to remind your team of the reasons behind the change process. As well as reducing risk, keeping to deadlines and increasing profit margins, moving to agile can improve day to day working life for your whole team. Continuing to share the benefits of agile project management with your team, as well as more in-depth advice and support on how each process works, will help your agile transformation gain faster traction and achieve full buy-in from your entire team.