Advantages and Disadvantages of Post Free Ads


Post free ads have become an incredible tool for product promotion today.You can Try Post free ad posting at Meramaal about everything that can make profits. With free ads, you can promote your products and services such as children’s and infant items and many other products. Today there are many websites where you can post free classifieds, for instance, you can buy, sell and trade using free classifieds at Meramaal.

Post free ads come with their own importance when buying, selling or trading of items. Some business owners find it difficult to promote their goods and services hence free classified websites make it easier to expand your business. An online free classifieds aids small businesses the same way as large businesses by advertisement of goods and services in free of cost that saves money.

Below are advantages and some drawbacks that come with post free ads

Advantages of free ads: 

  1. Free of cost: Post free ads: are usually not charged. There are free ads websites where you get an opportunity to promote your business which makes it beneficial to your tight budget. This has eliminated the need to pay for those high charges for advertising on TVs, Radios, and newspapers thus saving your money.
  2. Targeting the market: This another incredible advantage of post free ads, they are generally categorized as well as subcategories which makes it easy for customers to find less difficult the certain items they are looking for. For instance, a categorylike Home and Garden can be organized into many other sub-categories like Footwear, Men’s and Women’s clothes, Watches and Jewelry, Pets and many others.
  3. Easy to write: Free classifieds ads do not need much time to be created. It can take about 20 minutes but what is important is that you need to be creative and produce an outstanding heading as well as an attractive body.
  4. Images: It is easy to include an eye-catching photo when posting an advertisement. As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words so post free ads become more effective by attaching an image.
  5. Simple to keep track: Almost all of the free ads websites provides an opportunity for an individual to keep track of the performance of their posts. This makes it easy for you to assess the relationship between the number of visits and buying.
  6. Competition: You have higher chances of standing out from the rest of your competitors by posting excellent free ads. Remember, many of your serious competitors think free online classifieds are time wasting, therefore, take your business a notch higher by making use of free ads as a promotional tool for your goods and services.
  7. Quick replies: Try Post free ad posting at Meramaal and you could find within a week the potential employee or customer for somewhat of your items.


  1. Limited space: Many free ads websites prove a limited space which requires you to direct your readers exactly where they can find additional information about your goods and services.
  2. Loss of the posts: In most cases, your free classified ad is faced with stiff competition as a result of other competing ads thus making it easy for ads to disappear.