Advantages of not owning a smart phone


Advantages of not owning a smart phone

Just as the smart phone has advantages it comes with disadvantages too. these days smart phones have become a part of our life. People of all economic statuses own a smart phone these days. It has made our life easy, no doubt about that but,  they are affecting our life in a bad way. We often see people crossing the roads while they are immersed in their phone. Their gadgets could be their death, if they are not careful.

The following are some of the disadvantages of the smart phones:

1. Cost- one of the greatest disadvantages of the smart phones is they are very costly. They cost hundreds of pounds of dollars. Instead of spending the money on just a gadget you can save the money and use it on the vacation or for some other thing. You can use that money on something more purposeful, as at the end of the day you will only be using it for making and receiving calls or texts. So a basic mobile phone can do.

Advantages of not owning a smart phone

2. Theft- another great problem with the smart phone is they pose theft threats. Thieves can steal them easily from you in just a few seconds without you even noticing it. You must insure your smart phone, even if you have the insurance , you have to go through all the troubles of reporting it, contract cancelling and phone replacements. It only gets worse without an insurance.

3. Damage- smart phones are vulnerable to the damage. It happens to all of us, we drop it on the road, at home, sometimes even in the bathroom. These smart phones when dropped can get damaged extensively and there are also chances of your smart phone getting damaged and not working again and if it is the case then your phone which you spent hundreds of dollars on would be a total waste.

4. Tech slavery- these days people cannot do without their smart phones, so much so that even at the traffic signal when they see a red light they check on their phone. People have set their minds that they need the latest gadgets to hold their heads high in the society. People are constantly checking on their phones. People are becoming dependent on technology.

5.  Upgraded models- it is nice to buy a shiny smart phone if you love gadgets but, as soon as you buy one model, it becomes out of date in just a few months as a new and upgraded version of it appears. The manufacturers bring out a better version and make people  think they need to upgrade. If you follow the trend then you will end up buying a new version and spend quite a huge amount of money on just smart phones.

6.  Screen size- people often view a lot of videos, movies etc on their smart phone and though smart phones these days come with a 4” screen they still are not enough for comfortable viewing or when connecting to the internet. A large screen is easy on your eyes and prolonged using the smart phone will strain your eyesight.