Alidjan Ibragimov: the secret of success of the billionaire


Alidjan Ibragimov is a well-known Kazakhstan businessman. He is a member of the Eurasian troika. His business partners are Patokh Shodiev and Alexander Mashkevich. The name of Alidjan is well-known not only in the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also abroad. A successful businessman has become an example for ambitious young men. Everyone knows that Ibragimov had no favorable conditions when he just started following his dream. There was only a burning desire to get what he wanted. And, of course, it all took a great deal of hard work. More about the life of Ibragimov and his best projects – in the material.

Ibragimov Alidjan has already raised several generations of successful followers. Employees of his companies were like children whom he helped to find the right path. By the way, with regard to children, Alidjan has four sons – Dostan, Davron, Shurkhat and Furhat, who are much alike their reknown father. Now they are slowly starting to take part in the conduct of his business. Alidjan is also the father of two beautiful daughters, but Ibragimov does not let them into the the business realms.

What is the secret of the extraordinary success of Alidjan Ibragimov?

The secret is simple. This is not only about the personal qualities of a businessman. Of course, they play an important role, but without the support of relatives it is much more difficult to achieve heights than without sufficient funding. Alidjan Ibragimov was born in a family that supported him in all endeavors and helped to go through life confidently.

The businessman himself, when he met his soulmate, built his own warm and friendly family. His wife Mukadashod became a real support for him. Together they raised beautiful six children, and together with love they go through life.

Alidjan Ibragimov realized in time that friendship in business is also important

Since the 1980s, not only business cooperation has begun, but real male friendship between Alidjan Ibragimov, Patokh Shodiev and Alexander Mashkevich. Together they were able to launch several large companies, making their native Kazakhstan even better and more beautiful. Specifically, Ibragimov have been taking care of te republic quite recently. He invested in the fabulous Sokol sports complex, which will annually bring together car and motorcycle drivers – professionals and amateurs, as well as fans with their families. This site is being a jewel in the crown of the Almaty region for almost a year now.

Now, let’s go back to basics. Alibjan Ibrahimov met Patokh and Alexander right before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Together they opened a profitable enterprise for the production of polyethylene bags, having afterward stepped to such a peak as Eurasian Bank JSC and Eurasian Resources Group (ERG). For many years, everyone called these three businessmen the Eurasian or simply the Kazakh troika. They raised the above-mentioned companies to incredible heights and made money on this condition. Perseverance, talent, mutual assistance – this helped these business partners and simply best friends to clearly lead the empire of each of them to new and new achievements.

The business of Alidjan Ibragimov in stages:

1989 – post of CEO in the MAD “Nevada – Semipalatinsk”.

1991 – Head of Nevada-Semey JSC.

1992 – one of the main shareholders of ERG (co-owner of the company).

1994 – Head of the Board of Directors at Eurasian Bank JSC.

The beginning of the 2000s – the head of JSC TNK Kazchrome (two years later, transferred to the post of chairman).

2005 – became one of the main persons on the board of directors of Aluminum of Kazakhstan JSC.

Due to the fact that Alidjan Ibragimov met friends who also became part of the Kazakh troika, his large and friendly family, talent and strategic thinking, the businessman got everything in his life that you could dream of. According to Forbes 2018, Ibragimov’s fortune is estimated to be $2.3 billion.

Alidjan Ibragimov: charity

Although the Kazakhstani billionaire does not like to talk about his investments in charity, the fact still cannot be hidden from the media. Through all the years of building up his business empire, Alidzhan Ibragimov also tried to invest to help residents of Kazakhstan as much as possible. Currently, he helps to reconstruct schools, playgrounds, and buys vehicles for small promising companies that deal with social services.

Together with Eurasian Bank JSC Ibragimov sponsored numerous charity projects. It is mainly about fundraising for the treatment of seriously ill people.