Do you trust your staff? Has it ever occurred to you to check if your employees are really honest with you? Would you like to monitor the computers of your employees without their knowledge to avoid information leakage and increase your productivity?

Employee Monitoring Software is what you need to be up date of everything that happens

Before it was almost impossible to check if a employee cared about the company, or if it was dedicated to play or surf the phone. Now, this software helps control all activities performed by any worker on your computer. As a result, you will find out if your employee is using the mobile or computer for a purpose other than the intended use.

Do you suppose that your employees use working hours to meet their own needs? Do your representatives try to take advantage of the company’s data? You need a software, something like Monitask, to find out the exact trubles you have in company by an easy-to-use interface.

Should employees have private company information on their laptops? Can the theft or loss of a device of this type lead to unintended consequences? This software allows you to control a device through remote commands. So you can easily change a laptop or even erase the data from the memory of a device using the corresponding options of the software.

Employees with business devices do not always meet their work characteristics with a clear conscience. They often call their friends, tweet and play using company laptops or phones. These do need vigilance and careful attention. Employee Monitoring Software will help you know how, when and where your corporate laptop or mobile is used. This software makes it possible to track the location of the device, control calls and short messages, as well as control mobile phones remotely. You can have any situation controlled, even if one of your employees tries to pass on your private information to the competition or to third parties.

This is the best solution to have employees controlled today. The software can be in a hidden mode, so you can have a good opportunity to see the authentic face of your employees. The web panel of the software shows all the activities of the phone, from the address book and the content of the messages to the transport route history and access to the calendar. The Employee Monitoring Software is the best solution you need to keep your business under surveillance.