Amazon bid: Your 2021 Guide to Dynamic Bidding Strategies and ‘Adjust Bid by Placement’


Amazon takes care of buyers and sellers and that’s what makes it look like a progressive platform even in the hard economic conditions. It has continued to grow in every situation and the secret lies in its intent to facilitate buyers and sellers in every possible way. It offers awesome items at a wonderful price but at the same time, it manages profits for the sellers. It keeps offering options that help business entities accelerate their sales. The pay-per-click options have been renewed for the betterment of sellers. Today, you have the luxury of using dynamic bidding strategies. You can know more about these strategies at It will certainly prove to be a sales booster if you are selling on Amazon. The “Adjust bid by placement” feature makes things look even intriguing when it comes to an enhanced PPC experience. 

Every seller is trying to master the skills as far as new PPC strategies are concerned. It is a matter of cost to benefit planning. Every seller wants to make good use of the money spend on buying PPC ads. Hence, all-new strategies are being applied to make the most effective use of the PPC ads. Every Amazon agency is asking its experts to use the new features for the clients. The new dynamic bidding and related options are almost everywhere. Now let’s take a look at the process in detail.

How Dynamic Bidding Works?

With the advent of artificial intelligence of machines and systems, it has become easy to manage things for the sellers. Amazon has rolled out three useful options and it will place the ad in relation to the option you select for your ad. All three options are described below. 

  • Amazon dynamic bids – down only: Your bid is likely to reduce to a hundred percent if it is less likely to be converted in the search results. Amazon will down your ad in relation to the conversion rate. 
  • Amazon dynamic bids – up and down: It works by placing your bid 100% if it is likely to be converted into a sale. But it will also keep showing your ad for all other search results. It is often chosen by many sellers. 
  • Fixed Amazon bids: if someone chooses to deactivate the dynamic bidding then the ads will be shown as usual. One may require taking care of the Amazon negative keywords if one chooses not to use dynamic bidding in the ad campaign management. 

What Happens to My Existing Campaigns?

It is quite an interesting question for people selling already on Amazon. Sellers running campaigns will have dynamic bidding activated automatically. “Down only” is the default option for all campaigns. Amazon may not just make it explicit for everyone but it has already been working this way for the campaigns in operation before the launch of dynamic bidding. Hence, if you are happy with the “down only” option then you can choose to continue the same way. You can also consult an expert after offering details about your items and sales campaigns. It is always good to make the adjustments in time especially when you can make good use of the new features. 

Amazon Bidding by Conversion Likelihood

Now after knowing that Amazon will show your ad for the searches that are likely to convert your ad, you must have been wondering how amazon will get it. It is interesting to know that how Amazon decides which impression is likely to be converted and which one will be left alone by prospective buyers. 

Every good agency knows that which keywords are used to perform best for a seller. Even the time that yields the best conversion rate can be spotted by using some data points. Now, this is about an agency that digs data on demand. What about Amazon that keeps developing user reports. 

It is the AI that is making the system work. Machine learning can be seen at its best when it comes to data collection and its applications in real-time. Amazon bots are used to bring the data into play. But despite seeing all the accuracy in the stats, it is strongly recommended to run a personal check before choosing a dynamic bidding option. 

Adjust Amazon Bids by Placement (New Feature)

The nitty-gritty of Amazon PPC is getting even more interesting with the advent of new features. These ‘adjust by placement’ features are something wonderful for every seller. One can make apply it to make good necessary adjustments. Tell you what: the system will work automatically if you order it to work. And, it will increase your bid by up to 900% for ‘product pages’ search results as well as ‘top of search’ placements. It can surely enhance your experience with ad campaigns. Amazon is offering placement in the following categories nowadays. 

  • Top of the search i.e., sponsored product ads that will appear on top of the search results.
  • Product pages i.e., sponsored product placements on the product pages. It will also help ads appear on the add-to-cart page.
  • Result of search i.e., all other kinds of search slots that come after the ‘top of search’ option. 

Amazon Bidding – What Will Work for My Account?

Amazon bidding and placement modifiers can work differently for different users. One can adjust things after assessing one’s needs. It is easy once you have all the data on the table. Amazon will simply enhance your bid by up to 900% if you want it to do it for your account. Although Amazon’s default bid range is $1 but it can enhance or reduce your budget at your will. It is easy to make all the necessary adjustments with the brand-new dynamic bidding and ‘adjust by placement’ factors. It just requires calculating the maximum Amazon bid for ‘top of the search’ before you launch a real-time strategy. It is an easy way to go on and even easier to march with the best outcomes. 

Most of the users are looking to use the “up-down” option in the dynamic bidding as it works quite magnificently for the sellers. Amazon is also recommending it to boost sales by making good use of the PPC campaigns.