Animated Character Development – Main Technology Features


Introducing animated video’s character is a process of “reviving” him using various technological means with a specific goal.

Animated characters have become an integral part of various spheres of modern life, they are successfully used in:

  • Advertising, brand building, marketing campaigns, etc.;
  • The gaming industry, various screensavers, interfaces;
  • The film industry and animation;
  • Scientific researches and medicine;
  • The fashion industry and many others.

Heroes of videos contain a huge amount of information. Therefore, a professionally created character will fulfil all the functions assigned to it (sell, advertise, demonstrate, attract, memorize, teach, and others) brilliantly.

How Does It Work in Real Life

Regardless of the type, the algorithm for animation character development as a whole has the following sequence:

  1. Forming an idea – always plays the role of the “starting point” of the beginning of the creation process. An interesting idea, a separate part of the plot, sketches, type, anything is suitable on that step of creation.
  2. The scenario is needed in order to formulate and stipulate the actions that will occur with the character, to underline what he must be able to do, how to look, what basic informational message to carry to the viewer.
  3. After this, the most interesting begins – the designer draws a sketch, carefully thinks over the details and facial expressions of a bright character, intended to provoke emotional background and stay in memory for a very long time. The sketch can be made both in digital form and on paper with a pencil.
  4. After the client has seen and approved the sketch, a character model is developed on its basis, taking into account all the nuances and wishes.
  5. After that comes the turn of the animation itself. Animators take to life all the characters and activate all the scenes of the project.
  6. The final stage is the addition of soundtracks, effects, if necessary, narration voices, musical backgrounds, as well as the mounting of all sound options and frames in one animated movie.

The price of creating a character animation depends on the following factors:

  • Number of concepts;
  • A volume of edits;
  • Details of the character;
  • The timing of the project.

An animated character thought out to the last detail is the key to the success of the information products of which he will become a part, so it is imperative to pay attention to this part of the production. So take a great start of your animation project with the developing of its main character for the best result.