What OS(Operating System) does your mobile or tablet use? Is it Android? iOS or Windows? Even though all three have their own pro and con’s but mostly used OS is definitely Android. Don’t you agree?  Mobile once was luxury for most, but with ever-changing trends and technologies, these mobiles have found their place in people’s life.

So owning a mobile is now as same as important as taking care of your basic needs. It is nearly impossible to find a grown man/woman without it, that deeply it has got tangled in our life. Most mobile brands use Andriod OS as it clearly more customisable compared to any other OS.

As most phones are more likely using Android, then people may genuinely need an Android manager to manage their Android phones. So anytrans android manager is the best available in the market. Android Managers make cross-data transfers to data management everything easy, they offer you complete control over your data and you manage it anyway, from anywhere, at anytime as you wish.

How does it make your life easy?

Media Management

AnyTrans Android Manager beautifully organizes and frees your life from cords and makes it seem easy. It is particularly designed to make your data management a lot more easy, delightful and convenient. Have you hated using those USB cables to always transfer your data from your phone to the computer? With AnyTrans you’re surely free from the cords. Confused? You can transfer your data from Phone to Computer quick and fast using a WI-FI. With this software, you relatively spend less time compared to managing your Android before.

The more media you save in your mobile the more gigabytes space it takes up. AnyTrans will categorize all your media and arranges them quick. Simply put it builds your personal media collections. Who doesn’t like clicking pictures? So the more pictures you take the more cramped your phone space will get. With AnyTrans, you can trust it to export all your important images and files to your computer with just one click. Your images are surely transferred lightning fast but the transfer will not affect their original quality in any way. With this amazing software, you will never feel the space shortage again.

You can even share your photos, music easy and fast. All you have to do is install AnyTrans app on both mobiles and the transfer will be a smooth ride through WI-FI. You can share your images, music, files in batches. Bought a new phone? Wondering how in the world will you transfer all the data from old to new phone? Chill!!! Now you have AnyTrans to even make that transfer easy as a breeze. With this software, your phone becomes your private theatre. It just converts imported videos into Android-friendly format. Delete old videos that you’re no longer interested in batches. It even masters other media files like ringtones etc to keep you entertained.

Personal Connections

Mobiles hold very personal and sensitive information of its owner, so it’s important to be extra careful and prudent. AnyTrans is ready to take care of them, it provides you with an easy and convenient way to edit, browse, transfer and backup all your important info like your messages, contacts etc. You can browse your contacts and make a clear-list making it easy for you to modify any details like your phone number, name, avatar, email etc. You can even export your contacts to your computer or outlook etc.

You can preview and backup your MMS and SMS with all their attachments. You can migrate them to another phone without making any changes to already existing data in that another phone. Manage your call-logs, delete any entry that you don’t want others to see and maintain secrecy on whom you talked with. AnyTrans UI will help you in arranging all your calendar events according to your convenience. Once finished you can delete the old ones. It even provides you with opportunities to export the backup to your computer. With AnyTrans you can relax as all your personal information is maintained safe and secure with it.

Apps & Files

Your mobile surely and certainly will have apps and files right? Not every app on your mobile you visit frequently. So it gets a little tricky to manage all these apps. The applications can be gaming, social media, educational etc. AnyTrans sets you free from the pain of managing them and increasing their productivity. Now exploring your files and apps is easy, installing and uninstalling them is easy too. With just a click you can even transfer back-up files to your computer and share it with others.

AnyTrans has app-management, all the actions can be performed in simple drag-and-drop and quick tap. Installing apps is truly time-consuming process with AnyTrans you can drag and drop them and install them in batches on your phone. Even offers you bulk un-installing of apps in just one click. It keeps your app backup’s safe and you can even migrate the apps to new phone easy and fast. It saves you a lot of cellular data as it downloads them manually.

It organises your files well, you can spot all your files in a flash, how wondering? It categorizes your files based on your folders like Excel, PDF, Word etc. You can even search by keywords to spot them instantly. Phones are crowded with files that are received, created and downloaded. You arrange them neatly and export files fast and remove the unnecessary files. With AnyTrans your phone can be used as a USB flash drive to store files. Shares files fast and there is no need to upload your files to a third party cloud to share them.

How to install or download it?

Step 1: Download the AnyTrans and run the installer.        

Step 2: Install AnyTrans and pick your specific program and then install it.

Step 3: Complete the set-up instructions and then enjoy AnyTrans.


You can either download AnyTrans for free, it is compatible with windows and mac. And their licensed version is coming at $39.99 + VAT for a single license, $59.99 + VAT for family license and $99 + VAT for a business license. The single license provides you with a license for 1 computer, family license for 5 computers and business license provides a license for up to 10 computers.

They’re offering free update guarantees for a lifetime. And if you’re not satisfied with the product you’re money will be refunded within 60-days. They’re offering 24/7 customer services any queries contact them.