AnyTrans helps with data management to cross-device transfers with your Android phone


Which smartphone are you using? Is it Android or iOS supported mobile phone? Are you planning to buy a new one? Can you easily transfer all your files from one to another? Or do you think it is a tedious task? You say yes, it’s a daunting task! Understood, It’s frustrating, right if your device is unable to transfer files easily. You have a solution for this. With AnyTRans your job is made simple for transferring and managing any type of data stored on the Android device.

AnyTrans android manager is the ultimate software build both for iOS and Android users and has been used since ages. It is an efficient tool that gathers your entire Apple and Android products and combines all the components of your device. This includes Videos, music, messages, photos, books and more. It enhances minimalistic control and absolute freedom on all files and data.  As it provides, wi-fi connection, you can cross transfer the data from any place, at any time, in any way you like. This tool is deployed to make your experience with data management:

  • More instantaneous
  • Convenient
  • And delightful

Is your device overcrowded with media files? AnyTrans aids in keeping it under control. It saves you from that grave risk. A single-click can backup all your albums, photos and preserve all those wonderful memories you have. And creates space for more wonderful moments. Want to have all the music collection you stored and play it wherever you go. AnyTrans provides a Wi-Fi connection among the Android devices and your personal computer. Users can wirelessly transfer the files and data effortlessly. Savour videos you shot on your mobile from that desktop’s big screen. Don’t worry its just a tap away. On the whole, AnyTrans Android manager is a powerful all-in-one tool to migrate and manage your Android device without any factory re-settings.

AnyTrans for tech users

The use of AnyTrans for iOS and Android users can be summarised in few below points

  • Transfer, manage and organize or backup all the music, photos and contacts in one place within a few clicks and with the utmost security
  • AnyTrans helps in adding new videos or songs to your device. Export them to your computer instantly. Without instaling any programs on Mac/PC. Simply scan the QR code and transfer the files
  • Do you want to share your memorable family photos and humorous videos? Then install AnyTrans. File transfer between two devices can be easy and direct. With this in its place, you can send files and documents to their favourite destinations.

Ensure a Secure Backup

You like taking photos and storing them right? But it occupies space most of the time. Music, videos, photos and other related files on your mobile phones keep you occupied. As there is less space available on your phone, AnyTrans can assist you with it. You can conveniently manage all the media file and categorize them accordingly. In a smoother way, you can enjoy all the data with no worries at par.

AnyTrans supports you to keep you busy with all those beautiful melodies and music collection clear and rich. Simply drag and drop a bunch of songs from desktop to your mobile phone.

Transfer Feely

Bought a new phone? Want to transfer all of your data from one to other. It is fast and easy with AnyTrans. Everything that is precious and the one which you want to preserve can be seamlessly transferred within minutes. Across all the models, brands and versions, you can always have those important items within your grasp. AnyTrans includes all the Android devices. AnyTrans is backed by the Android mover feature that enables the moving of data from an old phone to new one seamlessly and freely.  Move your data and fines among any tablets or phones of Google, Samsung and other manufacturers. Without any rigmaroles, a single click can migrate all your data and of course without any endless waiting.

Handy Management

Want to keep the millions of audio and video files at your fingertips. AnyTrans allows you to have access and download millions of videos and audio data from various sites. You can customize your phone even when you are offline. AnyTrans comes with media downloader which lets you download any TV shows, movies or other videos. It can access all the MP4 and MP3 files. Download files from daily motion, youtube, sound cloud BBC and from wherever you want even when there is no Wi-Fi connection.

Productive and efficient mobile use

Do you think it’s an easy task to manage with tons of files and apps in your mobile? No! It’s never a simple task. But AnyTrans frees you from this clutches. Efficient and productive mobiles will be in your hands. It categorizes and lists all files and apps clearly. It is a straight forward procedure to manage and explore them. Without a second thought, you can do whatever you want

  • Download Apps with just a drag and drop
  • Take Backup of a data or file to the computer
  • Share your favourite items with your colleague

Moreover, to better equip with the files and quickly search what you want, AnyTrans categorizes various kinds of files and data into different folders. It lists in Word, PDF, Excel, Zip and more. You can even browse them by the list wise. Additionally, spot the data file with the appropriate keyword.

Export all your personal data and safely secure it

There is so much valuable and sensitive information available on your phone.  Install AnyTrans and it takes care of all those things. You can conveniently edit, browse, backup and transfer messages, contacts, and other information. Now sit and relax, as AnyTRans ultra secures all the data.

What all the data it secures

Contacts and messages: Browse contacts and modify them like phone numbers, names avatars, emails etc. Export all the valuable information to your desktop.

Preview and backup all the MMS and SMS with all your attachments.

Call logs: Undoubtedly check all call logs and delete the ones you don’t want. Hence, there will be no chances of tracing, for the recent calls. Back up all the essential call logs to your desktop. Also if you like to migrate them to another Android phone in just a single tap.

Calenders: View and manage calendar events through a neat UI. Modify existing events for any recent updates. Add new and delete the old. Export them to a computer for storing purpose. Don’t miss any important schedules when AnyTrans is there.

In the steps below We will how these personal data can be stored safely


Install AnyTrans for Android on your desktop or PC. Connect the device with the USB cable. When you connect to the USB cable, ensure that there is a USB debugging options available on your Android device. AnyTrans automatically detects your device.

When you connect the USB cable for the first time, your PC will Download the USB drivers automatically. After all, this is done the main interface is detected.

Now proceed to the second step, Tap on the messages option and choose the message you desired to transfer. After the process of loading is totally finished, it will display the no. of messages on the right side of the screen or message icon. If there are no messages, then space is left empty.

Transfer the messages by clicking a button on the computer. You can also transfer them to another device by tapping the button. If by chance AnyTrans doesn’t load your message precisely, then refresh the interface. After AnyTrans completes your process, it displays “TRansfer completed” message. If you want to know the location where it has exported, please click the options. Even to transfer more messages, please select the options.

The steps can be followed by all the data management files like contacts, apps, call logs, APK files, calendar, Document and zipped files. But select the appropriate ones.

Technical specifications

AnyTrans works best with the following system requirements

For Windows 7, 8, 10 both 64-bit and 32 bit

Android 5.0 and later versions

resolution: 1024*768 display and above

Pentium IV 2.4 GHz or above CPU

512 MB RAM

Type of media it supports

Video: MP4, M4V, MOV, MKV, RMVB

Book: PDF and EPUB

Audio: Mp3, M4A, M4R, M4B, FALC, OGG



AnyTrans is a feature-rich and powerful Android manager. It has a plethora of features to work with. You can use this software to manage your android devices irrespective of model or manufacturer. The key feature for which AnyTRans is made is for data transfer. In fact, as seen above, it does many beautiful things you can never think of. Going with the feature it comes at an affordable price.