Are Online Shoppers Put Off by International Delivery?


Online shopping is growing more popular day by day. For example, in the UK 5855 high street stores shut down in 2017, the cause largely down to the boom in online shopping. People are purchasing their favourite products from the comfort of their own homes and are perfectly happy in doing so. But does something even as consuming as online shopping have its limits?

Consequently, it’s worth posing the question; are online shoppers put off by international delivery?

 Unreliable Delivery

It’s a simple truth that international delivery is a lot riskier than simply delivering products locally or nationwide. There’s more room for items to be lost or broken as products are thrown around too many different methods of transportation; vans, lorries, boats, planes, more vans, etc. There’s a lot more room for things to go wrong.

However, that’s not to say that every international delivery is doomed to failure. After all, if the risk factor was so high, international delivery as a mode of distribution would cease to exist. It clearly works when the right companies are in control, padding their items carefully and fitting packages with tracking devices. In the end, some online shoppers may deem the risk too high, but it’s not enough to stunt shipping overseas.

 Duration and Expense

Of course, international delivery often means two things to most people; longer and more expensive delivery. Why order something from far away when the same product might be available closer to home? Additionally, when the festive Christmas period rolls around or birthdays start looming into view, people can’t risk the extra expense or lengthier shipping times. For the half of Britons who panic buy at the last minute, international delivery just won’t be an option.

Still, this is less a fault with international delivery and more a fault with those who don’t leave enough room to buy gifts on time. Given enough notice and planning, items ordered from overseas can even arrive long before whichever big day is due. There are economy, standard and premium delivery services that are all priced differently, but cheaper pay will mean that the order takes longer to get to the customer. Still, this isn’t a problem if the order is made well in advance of whenever the package is needed.

Final Verdict

Many of the problems linked to international delivery are preventable. There needs to be a change in perception on the part of the customer, and greater research into which international couriers are reputable and do an efficient job of things. Ordering items from overseas should never be on a whim but done with planning and thought.

For example, companies such as Whistl allow people to utilise international delivery without having to worry about the negative aspects associated with it. They offer flexible payment terms to cater for different types of customer and include fully tracked parcels that ensure no items get lost during transit. For every problem international delivery supposedly has, Whistl provides the solution to each one of them.