Are You An Author or Need Some Content Published? Read This!

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Readers are leaders. The importance of reading has been known for decades. Written material can communicate ideas. However, it does so successfully only if it is edited properly. For an author’s work to be of good quality, it needs to be edited. There are companies which can perform this task for them. An example of such a company is Wordplay Editing Services. Here is more about this company and what they have to offer.

What is this company about?

Wordplay Editing Services is a company that was founded and is currently operated by Michele Perry. She is a professional editor. Michelle has 15 years’ experience providing services in the fields of copywriting, publishing and editing. She has studied a variety of disciplines in the writing industry. In addition to that, Michele has achieved formal qualifications from recognized institutions. Wordplay Editing Services has worked with many authors and large companies. Here are the services that the company can provide you with.

Services provided by this company

The services provided by Wordplay are divided into 3 categories based on the target market. The company can help:

  1. Authors
  2. Publishing houses
  3. Businesses

Services for authors

Wordplay Editing Services can provide authors with advice on how to improve their chances of getting published. An author’s work can be edited such that spelling, typographical and grammatical errors are corrected. The plot in their story can be improved too. The company also helps authors to match their stories with the target genre. Other factors that can be improved in authors’ work include characterization, readability, tone and register.

Services for publishing houses

Wordplay Editing Services can help in assessing manuscripts, readers’ reports and creating editorial reviews for publishing houses too. The company can also help them in making the decision whether to print or reject an author’s work. Furthermore, publishing companies can get services such as indexing of written material, proofreading and copyediting.

Services for general businesses

Businesses may have to write content about their services or products once in a while. In case they need to do this, this company can write the content for them. It can also copyedit or proofread any existing material towards this effect. Last but not least, the material can be adapted so as to ensure it fits the target audience.

What sort of editing does this company do?

The main service provided by this company is editing. Similar to their other services, the company divides it into categories depending on the activity to be performed. These categories include:

  1. Structural editing – This is where the information to be presented is structured to match the needs of its audience. The language is also adjusted.
  2. Copyediting – This is where distractions in the material are eliminated so as to ensure that nothing gets between the author and the reader in the content.
  3. Proofreading – Wordplay Editing Services ensures that the grammar, layout, styling and spelling are perfect right before printing or typesetting.
  4. Manuscript assessment – This is where the final manuscript is checked before being sent to the publishers.


Wordplay Editing Services provides a collection of services covering literally all aspects of authorship. The company is accessible through their website. There are contact details to help authors and other interested parties to contact Michelle Perry for her services.