coffee break

It may seem a little oxymoronic to suggest that more coffee breaks will make your workforce that bit more productive, however, it isn’t quite as daft a concept as you might initially believe. If you don’t allow your workers too much of a break then they can easily get mentally and physically drained, thus making them less productive. However, if they have regular breaks then productivity should improve.

The key for managers and business owners is to ensure their workers are as productive as possible and if allowing employees to have multiple smaller coffee breaks a day does that then firms would be foolish not to at least weigh up the pros and cons. Let’s discuss how you can take advantage of the coffee break to ensure your workforce is fit and firing on all cylinders at all times.

Coffee helps make you more productive

Don’t just take my word for it, there have been studies that have shown allowing extra breaks can stimulate workers’ minds and help to make them work harder. Indeed, researchers have found that caffeine helps to improve workers’ memory and concentration, as well as reducing the number of mistakes they will make. It has been noted that those on long shifts will find that caffeine has a similar effect to taking a so-called power nap.

Not only does having more coffee breaks make you more productive, it could also help reduce workplace accidents, such as traffic crashes involving people at the end of shifts and possibly even errors by care professionals that are on call for long periods of time. In memory, reasoning and concentration tests, studies have found that people who have been given caffeine score better than those that are handed a placebo.

Keep everyone happy in work

It is always a tricky balance to strike in the work place; keeping people happy and making they sure they do all the work asked of them. With very few breaks, people can easily become downhearted and worn down, so any way that you can ease this burden on your employees is going to be a positive.

As the studies have suggested, extra coffee breaks could help people be more productive each day in work, but they are also likely to have a positive impact on their general peace of mind. It doesn’t matter where people work, breaks are bliss, and a happy workforce is likely to be more motivated with lower staff absence and lower staff turnover.By purchasing top-of-the-line office coffee machines, employers can make employees feel more valued, and raise morale and productivity.

Add an extra element to the coffee break

As discussed earlier, a happy workforce is a productive one so adding an extra fun element to a coffee break could be just the trick to ensure people are enjoying themselves and making the most out of their breaks. As an example, you could introduce an employee reward scheme for those employees who hit certain targets or milestones every month or quarter. Distribute promotional gifts as rewards during coffee breaks to create a good team spirit. It may even lead to some healthy competition among the workforce to see who can win forthcoming prizes!

Perfect for the office coffee break, an entry-level gift could be a personalised mug or coffee cup. You could even distribute travel mugs if staff take their caffeine on the go! To take a look at all the different types of promotional gifts available, click here.