Attach Has Been Acquired By Cirrus Insights for an Undisclosed Amount


Emails are not just the medium to communicate at inter-departmental or intra-departmental level but if used strategically they can deliver much more than executives can even think of. Cirrus Insight has focused on improving email for sales teams by developing email tracking, meeting scheduling, follow-up alerts, and drip campaigns into a user’s inbox. Cirrus Insight is an Irvine California based leading sales productivity platform that provides sales productivity solutions.

To further strengthen its lineup of productivity apps it has recently added to its platform of productivity apps. Attach is a Stockholm, Sweden based SAAS developer for tracking sales leads. Attach was founded in 2014 and was headedby CEO Ryan Gum who developed an efficient tool for sale executives to track their leads, how the leads engage and what happens when the sender shares a document with a potential prospect. Attach thus is very effective and productive for sales people who rely heavily on communicating to potential or existing clients through email attachments.

Before getting acquired by Cirrus Insight the raised less than $1 Million from many investors. Brandon Bruce the COO of Cirrus Insight stated that there are many reasons to acquire Attach. As per Brandon around five billion email attachments are sent every day and there is no way a sender can know whether the recipient opened the attachment or viewed it. This keeps the sender of the email in disguise as the sender doesn’t know whether the effort that are put in will yield better results or not.

Attach has various functionalities that are sure to help Cirrus Insight improve their sales productivity platform even further. Attach uses a very advanced real time analytics to track when an attachment is opened by the receiver, who among the receivers opened the attachment, what are the pages the receivers has visited within the attachment, what are the links the receiver has clicked on, what is the pattern in which the receiver is reading the attachment, with whom the receiver has shared the attachment etc. Details like these are no less than a boon for the sales person as they can know what strategy they have to prepare to follow up with the potential client.

Cirrus Insight after acquiring is now looking to penetrate into a much lucrative market of user analytics that is helping many organizations to increase their client base. Companies that uses Salesforce can very easily use the data generated by Attach that can be synced to leads and contacts in the CRM. By adding to its lineup of productive apps Cirrus Insight is sure going to make it big in the productivity app space which is becoming a hotbed of innovation with relatively higher competition.

Cirrus is used by 250,000 professionals to enhance productivity in Outlook and Gmail. Acquiring attach is one very wise decision taken by Cirrus Insight because it provides services like email tracking & templates, drip campaigns, follow up reminders, meeting scheduling, sales force integration, attachment tracking etc. and is sure going to improve its rank as the fastest growing companies in the United States.