Avast vs. Avira vs. Microsoft vs. AVG: The Battle for Being the Best


Most people may choose different software for their devices, but when it comes to professional and efficient programs, users choose out of the big four. The big four represents Avast, Avira, Microsoft, and AVG antivirus. This anti-malware and anti-virus software is proved to be effective in many ways. Here, we will review them all.

The King of Antivirus Kingdoms: Avast? Avira? Microsoft Security Essentials? AVG?


The hot summer is coming, but it does not mean that you can postpone your antivirus software pick. Some users ignore the importance of the antivirus software, and later they face and experience severe problems with their laptops, computers, or other devices. Let us be honest, the protection and security of your system is not a joke. That is why you have to leave your beer for a second, and read about these powerful programs that may change the concept of security for you once and for all. Let us meet our first guest – Avast, the Antivirus.

1.     Avast Free Antivirus


For many years Avast developers not only prove their customers that their product is worth attention but also successfully beat other antivirus software in the market. They continue to expand their products and provide users with innovative and protective solutions for all activities.

Avast Free Antivirus is a simple and famous application for Windows users that comes packed with a variety of features. The following features worth your attention:

-​        It has an experimental engine with new analysis techniques;​

-​        It has an intuitive interface and a set of advanced tools;​

-​        It enables you to use real-time protection;​

-​        It includes a built-in firewall;​

-​        It allows users to protect their PC from various malware and online threats;​

-​        It is compatible with the latest Windows versions;​

It is also possible to use avast offline   if you have no Internet connection. You still get​      protected by the main features of this application, and you can scan your system to identify some threats if needed. So far, it is hard to underline negative sides, but it does not mean that this software is ideal.

2.    Avira Free Antivirus


German quality and persistence are the key factors that were put inside the Avira Antivirus. Developers created a solid product that has more than 40 million downloads around the world. However, most users prefer to buy a licensed Avira to get full protection and security.

Although developers tried to focus customers’ attention on Free Edition, it was enough to satisfy some basic protection requirements. That is why they continue to update their product and improve its features monthly.

The main features of this software are simple but effective. Avira can clean your PC by running a Registry Cleaner, Disk Wiper, Privacy Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, File Shredder, and Uninstaller. The ‘Optimization’ process becomes an integral factor. The

System Optimizer, Service Manager, Startup Manager, File Encryption, and Speedup Scheduler keep running along with Avira System Speedup Smart Defragmenter. It helps to increase the overall performance of your device and to identify the most vulnerable areas.

The UI is anything but difficult to navigate, and it has a new, up-to-date look to it. The scanning tools and integrated tools are very helpful, and it’s beneficial to both newbies and advanced PC users.

Given that developers constantly update their product, we will wait for new versions and will test them immediately.

3.    Microsoft Security Essentials


This application has an extensive, yet a basic set of features alongside an intuitive interface. Microsoft Security Essentials is a simple application for Windows users that allows them to avoid malware threats.

Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 users can protect their personal computers using this free antivirus application, dubbed Microsoft Security Essentials. Thanks to its straightforward interface, both beginners and experienced users will not encounter any difficulties navigating this application for the first time. More features of this application allow users to:

-​        protect your Windows PC;​

-​        install it on Windows XP, Vista, and 7;​

-​        experienced and try an intuitive interface;​

-​        use an extensive, yet a basic set of security tools;​

-​        perform three various scan methods (Custom, Quick, Full).​

Thanks to its intuitive interface, users will find this application easy to use, regardless of their levels of experience.

4.    AVG Free Antivirus


Even though AVG Free Antivirus is less popular than previous software, it does not mean that it is bad. Furthermore, this application includes many helpful features for regular PC users, and it is something that any of us need. When it comes to the main features, it is worth mentioning that:

-​        AVG allows users to have real-time protection​

-​        AVG has a ‘Parental Control’ feature​

-​        AVG constantly updates its virus database​

-​        You can enjoy its straightforward and user-friendly interface​

-​        This software can protect your system from various viruses, malware, and Trojans​

-​        You can scan your email and identify possible viruses online​

-​        AVG allows you to use a ‘LinkScanner’ feature that prevents you from using infected​   web pages

-​        A good option for gamers, it does include a ‘Gaming’ mode​

Moreover, it is possible to install AVG on your USB drive so you could use offline. Although it has some minor disadvantages in comparison to other software, it is considered to be a solid antivirus product for many users around the globe.

Now, you can choose what to download and install on your computer and how to protect your system effectively, using described antivirus software.