BannerCoin – Digital Currency and Its Development


The project of BannerCoin for promoting the acceptance of the different digital currencies by the merchants who sell their products and services online. The token of BannerCoin can be defined as a cryptocurrency that has to be used along with BannerCharge. One can redeem it for the service credits of All the customers of Banner OS using BannerCharge can accept the payments made through the digital currencies will have to accept the token of Bannercoin in the mode of payment. The merchants who are using them for selling their goods and products can keep up their market growth. For every single credit of, a token of Bannercoin can be redeemed.

Distribution of the Token Dates

After the initial coin offerings have been closed, the BannerCoin tokens get issued within a span of 2 months to buyers who had bought anything either by cryptocurrency or by wire transfer. With the Ethereum Token Sale of BannerView, one can enjoy a lot. The buyers should have the Ethereum wallet for being able to receive the tokens that have been purchased. It is sold to the ones who can purchase them through their credit cards and such buyers will have to wait for a minimum period of 3 months for receiving the tokens. All of the token sales of BannerCoin cannot be refunded as they are the final ones.

Using ICO

Besides Ethereum Token Sale, the ICO sale will not only generate more revenue for the company but will also develop the payment system of BannerCharge and instead of accepting the traditional forms of payment, it can grow to accept the various digital currencies at a single go.

Relationship of BannerCharge and BannerCoin

One of the products of BannerOS is BannerCharge. BannerCharge is known to work with the add-on products of BannerOSwhich are known to be Grips. Grips enable all the small, medium and large scaled industries to fully manage their e-commerce websites. BannerCharge is known to enable the functionality of the e-commerce stores for the acceptance of payments made through credit cards after for the products that are sold, paid registrations for different events, invoice of the products and services through a definite billing system and monthly memberships.

Buyers and online merchants are waiting for BannerCharge to take the giant and revolutionary leap for accepting the payments made through the digital currencies besides Litecoin and Bitcoin.  The present value of the digital currencies in the market is estimated to be over $ 100 billion. Accepting the payments of lower denomination through cards and Bitcoin are not only inefficient but also expensive. The goods that are delivered digitally should also have a payment system that has a digital backup.

The Ethereum Token Sale along with the BannerCharge development will help the merchants in accepting the payments made through digital currencies besides the credit cards. Presently there are 8 digital currencies that can be accepted by the merchants and they are Bitcoin, BannerCoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Zcash, and Ripple.