Basic Digital Marketing Guide for Small Law Firms


Effective marketing strategies are a key element to success for any small business, and law firms are no exception. You need proper planning and outreach in order to let potential clients know about the existence of your firm and how your services could benefit them. Your firm will also need effective implementation of these strategies and efficient modes for getting your message out.

If this sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry; it is not nearly as complex or difficult as it may seem, and modern technology has made marketing your firm easier than ever before. In many ways, innovations like social media, email and the internet itself have been godsends for small firms, as they have effectively leveled the playing field, allowing your firm to reach just as large of an audience as any major firm or corporation.

But this does not mean you should overlook or ignore older, time-tested methods of advertising, such as TV commercials, direct mail and good ol’ hand-shaking. Any truly effective marketing plan will combine several effective tools and techniques into an overall strategy geared at reaching more people and increasing your business.

With that being said, many digital marketing techniques are so simple you or your staff may already have some familiarity with them, even if you did not know it. Either way, this guide should give you a few simple tips for beginning your own digital marketing campaign, tailoring to your specific niche and implementing it so that potential clients will be able to find your firm as easily as any of the big boys.

Your Website

The first step in any digital marketing campaign begins with your own website. To much of the world, it will be the face of your firm, and far more people will see your website than will ever shake your hand or step into your office. Your website should be simple and sophisticated, but it should be targeted at reaching the kind of clients you hope to gain. It should immediately tell them who you are and give them an idea of what it would be like to meet you or your partners in-person.

The professional website of a legal firm should not be overly flashy or too complex. Always remember that you are selling yourself and your legal services, not used cars. You will probably need to bring in additional help as your site grows to add a blog, improve design and optimize the site, but you and your staff should be able to develop a simple landing page with basic information. For an example of what it will look like eventually, this website does a great job of staying simple but including a number of different elements.

Email Campaigns

A properly developed email marketing strategy should not even seem like advertising at all, and it should offer value and meaning to your target audience. This is particularly true for attorneys, as the absolute last thing you want is to give your firm a bad name with gimmicky, annoying emails. Not only are they completely ineffective, they could actually have a negative impact and work against your marketing strategy.


At the same time, email marketing may be the most effective tool a law firm can have in drawing in new clients and maintaining good relationship with current clients. Email has unlimited reach and capabilities; it is not limited to regions, audiences or times. However, it can be tailored to reaching certain demographics or audiences.

Social Media

One of the most meaningful breakthroughs in small business history, social media marketing has revolutionized the marketing industry, and it provides particular benefits to small firms. When building a social media profile for your firm, remember the same principles of building a great website. Keep it simple and professional while offering value to potential clients.


With that being said, if you are uncertain whether you need separate accounts for your practice and your personal life, you do. Your professional social media account will have an entirely purpose than your personal one, and you should not mix the two. To put it simply, stay classy.