It used to be a business could plaster local directories and thrive. This was the same during the early dot-com era with banners and PPC ads. Today, brands need to be everywhere.

There are many popular websites but the web remains splintered. Some of your best, potential customers lurk on small sites, social networks, and forums. Many, too, aren’t active online preferring traditional avenues of finding businesses and products.

Sticking to the main channels leaves a lot on the table. This post shares how to spread your brand everywhere to capture more leads and, ultimately, land more sales.

Why You Should Explore Traditional Marketing

Most marketing articles tune your attention to online methods and strategies. These are effective with building startup interest as they present trackable data. But, do not forgo traditional channels for a few reasons:

  • Tap established strategies
  • Differentiate your presence
  • Save advertising expenses

The rush to online marketing leaves a void seldom filled by businesses. This gives your business an opportunity to reach leads with fewer competitors — creating a substantial impact as you become the dominant player.

How to Explore Traditional Marketing

There are several excellent channels if your goal is getting your brand in front of as many people as possible:

  • Business meetups and networking conferences
  • Local sponsorships and charity drives
  • News contributions and hosted events
  • Apparel, ground crew, and samples

Your business builds a personal relationship with its leads and customers through local outreach campaigns. There are tens of thousands of potential customers within your town — millions in larger cities — revealing the business can find success without any online promotion, honestly!

Try this strategy:

  1. Host a local event helping introduce people to your business
  2. Collect contact details, emails, and social accounts from participants
  3. Send a thank you card, including a coupon, enticing them to return

You can personalize each with hand-written notes or an elegant design from rubber stamps. This connects creating word-of-mouth through local channels eventually spreading online through online reviews and shares.

Why You Should Explore Online Marketing

Online marketing takes traditional strategies and places them online. The platforms and minor details are different but the concept remains the same:

  1. Get your brand in front of prospects
  2. Share a great offer and promise
  3. Sell, gather feedback, nurture, repeat

The bonus of online marketing is the tracking solutions letting you get a detailed report of how well campaigns perform. This lets you build upon past efforts increasing reach and sales potential. Another benefit is the sheer size of the online market.

A business can explore major channels (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads) with high success with great campaigns. Or, launch targeted campaigns within small communities with pre-engaged members.

How to Explore Digital Marketing

Every website, social media feed, video, and web page is a channel for your brand distribution with the right mix of value and outreach:

  • Sharing content through social media feeds
  • Producing videos for YouTube and live streams
  • Writing blog posts and articles to gain search traction
  • Interviews and networking with influencers to tap their audience
  • Advertising with PPC on major networks or placing ads on niche sites

Realistically, you would place your efforts in each of these as this creates the broadest brand exposure. A consistent presence conveys authority and longevity — two traits online users seek when vetting businesses.

Try this strategy:

  1. Launch a blog for your site and product helpful tutorial-style content
  2. Share content on social feeds like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  3. Gather feedback to improve the content’s value with new sub-topics
  4. Send your best pieces to influential players in your market and on social
  5. Funnel visitors to product/service pages with enticing call-to-actions

Content spreads like a wildfire when it’s valuable, entertaining, and engaging. Your brand becomes known for delivering great information and solutions to problems, needs, and desires. This extends the online word-of-mouth, linking, and social shares spreading your brand rapidly!

Combining Efforts to Create an All-Encompassing Strategy

Here’s the beauty of exploring both traditional and online marketing:

  • You may reuse creative assets
  • You may leverage stats/data to improve campaigns
  • You may funnel prospects between both

The website becomes the brochure and vice versa. A yellow page ad is a basis for your PPC campaigns. The local events are simulcasted to an online audience. There’s opportunity with everything you do!

Don’t neglect the fine-tuning and personalization of branding efforts. It’s those little things getting people sharing your message and image. Hit them on both fronts — online and offline — and you’ll be everywhere.