Becoming an SEO Reseller: A Quick Guide on How to Find Top SEO Services for Your Digital Agency


In today’s world, a client needs more, wants more and is willing to pick a company that will offer them the whole package rather than work with different providers for the same project. Why? It’s just easier for them to handle everything and even communicate with just one person or team about different aspects of the same job. If you own a digital agency, becoming an SEO reseller is the next logical step. There is not only one great part about it, but many. You could say that it is a win-win situation, regardless how you look at it. If you’re ready for something better, here’s a short guide of how you can outsource the needs of your clients and get access to a larger target audience.

Step 1: Avoid these mistakes

At first, it all sounds amazing and you might be willing to hire just any SEO agency to help you with the SEO needs of your customers. However, before you get to the point where you actually consider collaborating with a specific team, it would be recommended that you think about your reputation first. If the services provided by these SEO experts are not of the highest quality, your client will blame you, even though the responsibility is all theirs (of the SEO team). Don’t plunge right in and while looking for the best option, make sure that you avoid these 3 mistakes.

1.     Considering Google a reliable filter

The search engine is going to ensure that when you perform a search using SEO agency and the name of your town or area, the results displayed will be of the websites that are best optimized. But, that does not necessarily mean that you will find the top SEO professionals. The top results are of the ones that spend time optimizing their online presence, which usually means that you don’t find the team that actually has so many clients, they don’t have time for SEO work that includes their own website.

2.     Rely on top SEO lists

Whenever you check a top list, one of the first thoughts that come to mind is that probably these lists are made by someone that has taken the time to actually review the companies they featured there. However, the sad truth is that the owners of these lists are usually using a different method of deciding whose name will be displayed there – they will make the “top” SEO professionals pay their way to the top. It is unethical, but most people that perform searches online, don’t know about this kind of practice. To become a successful SEO reseller, you do need to find the best in business.

3.     Believing that there is a secret SEO recipe

If you come across a SEO agency that promises you the moon in a matter of days, run. There is no easy way to say this, but their goal is to make you pay for their services and then stall. They might even have a whole speech prepared for you regarding the amazing methods and secret tools they rely on for providing the best SEO results. Everything will sound glamorous and all, but after you outsource the needs of your clients to them, you will have a disappointing experience.

Step 2: Talk to at least 3 different SEO providers before making a choice

It will take some trial and error before being able to become an SEO services reseller and benefit from all of the advantages associated with this approach to business, but one of the best decisions you could make in this case would be to take your time. There is no rush into hiring anyone unless you already have clients that require SEO services. It would be recommended that you wait a while before you list SEO as part of the package so that you don’t end up dealing with unpleasant situations where customers want to pay for this service and you can’t deliver.

It’s obvious that talking to just one SEO agency is not going to offer you the insight you require regarding the SEO world. That is why it would be best to make sure that when you are ready to get in touch with companies you may want to work with, you first talk to people that may refer you to someone that knows what they are talking about – aka experts. Friends, colleagues, business partners can all offer you a recommendation and point you in the right direction. You just have to do your part and research all of these agencies. Also, you need to make sure that you are aware of all the benefits that becoming a reseller will bring you.

Step 3: Look for an SEO company that can help you with any number of projects

Keep in mind that if it all works well you will need to rely on an SEO agency that can work on as many projects you need them to. This means that they should be able to adjust their team to your needs. Scalability and being an SEO reseller go hand in hand. At first, there might only be a few, from time to time. Or, depending on how well you market your new complete package of services, the number of clients that require your assistance, including with SEO, might just explode.

That is why it would be recommended that you ask them about this matter first, so that you don’t reach a point where you need to outsource your SEO projects to a second SEO team. That would simply mean too much of a hassle and it could lead to unwanted results. Picking the right partner, the first time around, will prove to be beneficial today and years from now.

Step 4: Ask about their process

One of the best questions you could ask the different SEO companies you are currently trying to evaluate is, according to, “What process are you going to use to accomplish our goals, and why do you use those particular processes?”. This is how you will know whether they are in for the long haul or are simply trying to convince you to opt for their services. They should be open enough to offer you the information you require.

After all, you intend on trusting them with your own clients. If they do not consider transparency as a requirement to providing SEO services, you should make sure that you end the meeting, because there are better teams out there. Keep in mind that you are the one bringing the clients, which means that you will need the kind of information described above to actually prove to them that your company can help (although this part of the project is done by someone else).

Step 5: Talk about their previous projects

A great SEO company will have an entire portfolio willing to show you and talk about. They should be open to tell you more about the different projects that they have worked on and the results they manage to achieve. This will tell you a lot about their level of expertise, while offering you a clearer perspective regarding whether your company would work great with their team or not. Open communication is certainly a major aspect that you should pay attention to when talking about any possible collaboration.

Don’t forget to ask them about any challenges that they might have dealt with in the past, whether they were able to find efficient solutions and how long it took them to obtain the best results. It would be a good idea to find out whether their clients were local or were located in another part of the world. This is also going to make a difference when you expand your business and choose to take it globally. Clients from different areas need a different approach. You need someone that can handle all of these unique projects.

Step 6: Test their services

This is the most efficient manner in which you could see for yourself whether the services of an SEO agency are as great as they advertise them to be. To become a successful SEO reseller, you need to see results, understand their process, find out whether there are areas where they could use improvement. For example, if there is no project manager and you talk to someone else each time you have a question or need a progress report, you might end up dealing with a lot of frustration.

At the same time, you should have a clear conversation with them from the start, tell them everything they need to know about your goals and see what they have to say about. When you decide to test the services of a specific SEO team, that’s when the hard part starts for them because they will have to show you progress reports. Consider this test one of the best investments you could make for your company, not because of the results they might be able to provide, but because of the way that you can guarantee your clients will benefit from the best level of service while relying on your digital agency.