Beginner’s guide to Twitter


If you are not much of a techie or social networking buff and have no idea about Twitter then here is your guide to Twitter. This guide will help you set up a twitter account, if you do not have one already and explains all the basics.

1. Account Setup

to get started up visit the Twitter page and register yourself on the site by entering your details such as name, email. Password etc. then you will have to select your username which will be used as your identity on Twitter. if you are wondering what name to use, remember it is always best to use your real name if it is available, if it is not then use your name along with a number or some other words. Make sure username is more readable and memorable by using initial caps and in word caps. After you are done with the username click on the “create my account”. Well done, you are now a twitter member. Once you have registered successfully, twitter will guide with getting started. It will explain how to tweet and allows you to follow some of your friends and brands etc. you can skip it if you like.

2. Twitter settings

click on the settings link of your account and set the time zone. Make all the changes that you want to your account and save the settings. Next go to the profile tab and upload your picture that will be your profile picture, it is very important if you want to be followed on twitter. After you set your display picture, complete the remaining settings such as your location info, brief introduction about yourself, your site or blog details if you have any. When you are all done, remember to save the settings.

3. Phone setup

you can connect to twitter from your smart phone too. This provides you the ease of access to twitter even when you are away from your PC. You will get all recent updates, send your updates all through SMS. However, you must note that though twitter does not charge you for this, your data carried will surely charge you. Make sure your phone has unlimited text messaging plan. To set you phone up for twitter, go to the mobile tab and enter your phone number and click start. You will receive a text message of the twitter code, which you have to enter to get your mobile registered on twitter. save the contact name as twitter and number 40404 in address book to send and receive twitter updates on your phone.

4. Follow friends and family

add your friends and family on twitter by clicking on the search field at the top of your home page. Type their name or username and when you get a list of all the people with that name select your friend from the list and click follow button and start following them. To start with you can also buy some twitter followers from websites like Tweet Cartel.

5. Begin using twitter

once you are all done, your next step is to start twittering. You can do so from your twitter home page or from your smart phone. Make sure the message is not longer than 140 characters. If you have doubts about the regularity of twittering then remember to not exceed the limit of 10-12 times a day. Remember you should not post every single detail of your daily activities, just do not cross the limit and bore people. Yet again there are no hard and fast rules about twittering, so it all depends on your personal preference.

6. Be cautious

always b careful of what you are tweeting. Do not tweet any personal or confidential details, never share your private info that can affect your safety.