Benefits of Using Coworking Space for Startups


There are many stories of successful businesses starting up in someone’s house, garage, or apartment. Today, the trend is now towards renting coworking spaces that offer considerable advantages over using your own home or property.

There are many famous companies that started off using small coworking spaces, such as Instagram for example which started from SOMAcentral. Coworking spaces have popped up across the country because they provide the advantages of having a full office without having to pay the high rental fees. You may find coworking spaces that consist of a small building with room for a few offices and desks up to large, multi-story buildings.

What is a Coworking Space?

Generally speaking, this is a building that houses both desks and offices that can be rented on a temporary or designated level. For the most part, coworking spaces are designed for companies that do online or support work that does not require a retail or warehouse area. For the most part, a business owner rents a desk or office and sets the time when they will work.

A temporary desk or office is where you pay a lower rental fee per month and share it with others. It’s cheap, but you have to schedule the times that you are there and take your stuff out after you are done. A designated desk or office means paying more in rent, but the space is dedicated to your business. This means that you can leave your stuff there, but many spaces will have lockers or storage spaces to secure your items.

You can find coworking spaces in most cities across the US. They may be office buildings or the like that are in convenient locations and offer desks and offices for rental purposes. Many larger businesses have rented coworking spaces for their employees when they cannot afford to expand.


There are several benefits to choosing a coworking space over your home or property. This is especially true if you need to meet with clients or simply do not have the space to spare on your property.

Place to Meet: One of the most difficult aspects of running a small business from your home is meeting with clients. Making the right impression starts with meeting at a place that looks like you take your work seriously. Renting a coworking space offers excellent advantages in this regard because it presents a familiar working environment at a convenient location.

Inexpensive: Compared to renting the traditional way for businesses, coworking spaces are a fraction of the cost. They have become quite popular in recent years because they fulfill that niche for small business owners who do most of their work online and only need enough space for their laptops.

Control: Since most coworking spaces are available 24/7, you can set your own work time and deadlines. This provides you the freedom to work 9 to 5 or anytime that you desire to get the job done. Because you can choose when you want to be there, you can include other important activities in your day when you want. Plus, if you have to be at home for a repair person or run a family errand, that is no problem when you use a coworking space.

Little Direct Competition: The competitive atmosphere of a traditional office can sometimes be uncomfortable even when everyone is working towards the same goals. A coworking space has members who have little to no competition with each other, so the atmosphere is far more relaxed. Because each business owner runs their own company, there is a greater sense of work identity that is distinctive and helps lower any negative atmosphere in the room.

Assistance: Are you currently stuck on an idea or method? If so, there may be someone in the coworking space who can help. Quite often, those who are part of similar industries that offer different functions can provide the answers you need quickly and easily. From a friendly gesture to being hired by your company to do specific work full-time, a coworking space offers more than just space, it offers opportunities to find those you need.

A coworking space provides a community of those who are working towards their own goals. You have the advantages of going to work and focusing on your business, which may be difficult if you stay at home, while also being a part of a community that is doing the same thing. This helps you get more accomplished which makes getting your work done easier and with more enjoyment.