Best 3 Node Js Ecommerce Platforms in Current Industry


Ecommerce is swiftly emerging as the most sought after industry in the world. With increase in web and internet usage, ecommerce has become an essential and integral part of every business. To explain what a marketplace is, it is simply an online portal to sell your products and services to a wide range of customers. Ecommerce helps in overcoming the barriers of time and distance, thereby improving your business.  For any business to enter into ecommerce, it is necessary to have access to ecommerce software along with personnel to develop and maintain the back end operations. But this might not derive expected results, apart from being a costly and time consuming concept.

A basic ecommerce software just provides the front end of your store that would be visible on the customer end. However it does not provide resources like customer service, data management, inventory management which are mandatory for any ecommerce site. All these operations in turn would require software solutions, and integrating all these with the ecommerce software into a single component is difficult.

Nevertheless, we now have a new technology framework called Node.js that provides all the functionalities required to run an ecommerce business. Node js ecommerce platforms help businesses manage their website and data by unifying them through a single infrastructure. Tasks like providing interactive user interface (UI) to customers, keeping track of customer product search history, inventory management, marketing and providing customer service involved in any business are all possible on a unified platform by making use of Node.js technology framework. Ecommerce platforms are easily customizable, flexible and help reduce the problems associated with integrating multiple software solutions.

Ecommerce platforms are developed using frameworks such as LARAVEL, MEAN etc. For your information, MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node.js. Let us now look at the best Node.js ecommerce platforms you can make us of for your business.

  1. GenStore:

GenStore is a Node js ecommerce platform which works as a one-stop solution to meet all your marketplace requirements. GenStore serves as a best all-in-one and easy-to-use choice both for local and global businesses. Genstore is ShopyGen’s multi vendor marketplace designed to be comprehensive, customizable and efficient. It provides business models similar to Amazon or Ebay with cutting edge technology and multiple monetization channels. Genstore is built with the latest cutting edge ‘MEAN stack’. Key features of this multi vendor marketplace include Facebook messenger bot that helps automate and grow your ecommerce business, robust admin panel with which you can manage the store, products and orders, a unique seller dashboard to help the sellers monitor their overall business and a responsive design based on HOOK model.  Apart from these, Genstore provides a dispute management system to handle disputes between users and sellers. Genstore also offers multiple revenue channels like seller subscriptions, banner ads, prime delivery options etc. Gentack a service-based marketplace, MobiGen a mobile ecommerce solution, GenCart an online grocery delivery marketplace are also other services provided by ShopyGen. Popular brands like Fabque and TaskMarket are powered by ShopyGen. All these features make ShopyGen a hub for ecommerce solutions which supports all types of marketplaces like B2B, B2C, C2C, mobile commerce etc. ShopyGen offers other customized services like dropshipping integration, third party API integration and custom ecommerce mobile apps etc.

As a top-notch Node js ecommerce platform, GenStore has sufficient locus standi to enable cross border commerce. Not only does it support multiple languages, but also supports multiple currencies. It is not exactly a secret how businesses strive to get a leg up for digital marketing. This multi vendor marketplace integrated with Mail Chimp and powerful SEO module, lets you rebrand your store as per your discretion.

This Node js ecommerce platform is API driven. As Google Maps is integrated into this platform, it is easy to target local audiences, thereby giving you an edge over your competitors. With ShopyGen positioning itself as a challenger to existing multi vendor marketplace platforms such as Magento, Shopify and Big Commerce, it is edifying to see presence of robust seller subscription, commission tracking and prime delivery features in the former platform.

  1. Reaction Commerce:

Reaction Commerce is yet another Node js ecommerce platform that is fast, scalable, real-time reactive and open source. It combines the flexibility that developers and designers want to leverage with stability and the support businesses need. Reaction Commerce is developed using 21st century technology stack which is based entirely on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Data analytics is also an integral part of Reaction Commerce which helps you create personal experiences for individual users with real-time analytics.

As mentioned earlier, it is an open source ecommerce platform that involves an active community of around 5000 members who build quality code and detailed documentation. The development process is continuous as well as test-driven. Developing, scaling and customizing can be done easily as Reaction Commerce includes a highly modular codebase. Additionally, its support system is quick as it is the developers themselves who answer and discuss various queries. Reaction Commerce’s scalable platform comes with virtual private clusters, containerized cloud hosting, multiple staging environments, SSL domains and 1-step deployments which makes scaling a quick and smooth process.

Key features of Reaction Commerce include

i)Product and Inventory Management – product and variant management, multiple product images, product organization

(ii)Shop management – order fulfillment, customer profiles, customer accounts, transactional email templates, SMS notifications, Search, Social logins, Checkout

(iii) Cart & Checkout – payment methods, automatic taxation, discounts and promotions, flexible shipping rates

(iv) Shop customization – Web hooks and APIs, internationalization, mobile commerce, trusted open source etc.

Reaction Commerce provides two pricing plans leaving the choice to the users to choose the most feasible one based on their requirements. One plan is ‘Core’ which doesn’t demand any price to be paid, however is limited on services it provides. The other one is ‘Platform’ which starts at $2500/month which provides many additional features when compared to ‘Core’.

  1. is among the best Node js ecommerce platforms which provide scalable and flexible ecommerce API. It helps businesses develop a clean responsive user interface using bootstrap 3.0. This multi vendor marketplace aims at developing code that aims at accomplishing – scalability, flexibility, testability, platform independence and easy adoption. Interesting features of include flexible codebase that makes use of familiar building blocks of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, built-in tools that can be customized based on your business requirements, responsive and user-friendly user interface and extensible MEAN stack.

Node js ecommerce platforms apart from making the integration of multiple software solutions and easy task also provide other operational benefits like merchandising, content management, price fixation, personalizing sales etc. Important things to keep in mind while choosing an ecommerce platform are – whether these platforms integrate with social media platforms, is there any personal assistance offered by the platform to answer your queries and is there any limit on the number of products that you can sell using a particular ecommerce platform. Depending on the type of business you are dealing with, you might want to choose an ecommerce platform that would suit your specifications.

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