The Best Job for You Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type


Each MBTI type is equipped with a unique stack of cognitive functions that will make them excel in certain career paths. Here’s what the best job is for each MBTI type.


ENTP: With their limitless creativity and can-do attitude, ENTPs will do well as event organizers. Whether these people are closing deals with sponsors or solving last-minute delays, their resourcefulness will let them pull off the most unforgettable concert, wedding, or fashion show.


INTP: INTPs will make great detectives because of the clarity and focus that enable them to narrow down countless possibilities. Whether it’s a burglary or mysterious murder, the INTP will stop at nothing until the case is finally closed.


ENTJ: The competitive and confident ENTJ is a natural-born leader who can easily dominate the courtroom. A career as a lawyer will let ENTJs unleash the assertiveness, efficiency, and rationality that their type is well-known for.


INTJ: Their sharp intellect and foresight make INTJs formidable as military strategists. With their calm, focused, and reserved nature, it is easy to imagine INTJs successfully implementing a foolproof assault strategy on even the sneakiest terrorist group.


ENFJ: The sociable and hospitable ENFJ has the natural skills and tastes that make an excellent hotelier. Their love for people, taste for fancy things, and natural warmth are sure to earn their hotel five-star ratings from delighted guests.


INFJ: INFJs are social architects with penetrating insight that is rivaled only by their INTJ cousins. This combination makes them great ambassadors who can break cultural barriers and promote harmony whether it’s between countries or within an organization.


ESTJ: The dignified and dedicated ESTJ will be successful as school administrators because this type thrives in the midst of organized systems and tradition. If there is no order, then they can be counted on to effectively create and enforce it.


ISTJ: The organized and practical ISTJ will enjoy the careful and meticulous work involved in a career as a historian. It’s not hard to imagine these practical and careful introverts spending hours recording and analyzing the history of the world and ancient cultures.


ENFP: The creative and people-oriented ENFP will enjoy traveling and exploring possibilities in the world as they work as translators. Learning new things about a culture and language will quench this type’s constant thirst for knowledge.


INFP: Although quiet and composed, the INFP has much to say about the human condition and the world at large. As a novelist, they can finally manifest their ideas, share their rich inner world, and reveal their vivid imagination through the printed page.


ESFJ: ESFJs are naturally in tune with the needs of others, and this makes them perfect as hospital administrators. In a hospital setting, they not only get to exercise their skills in administrative work, but they can also find ways to improve patient care.


ISFJ: The composed and detail-oriented ISFJ will make excellent archaeologists. ISFJs are known for being meticulous and naturally interested in understanding people, so they will enjoy analyzing ancient artifacts to better understand the nuances of human history.


ESFP: ESFPs have a keen eye for the latest trends and are naturally drawn to beautiful things. Their preferences will make them great fashion designers who create wearable art for fashion shows and sell clothes online.


ISFP: ISFPs love fully engaging their sense in the physical world, so they will make fun and interactive tour guides. Whether it’s a historic city or a breathtaking canyon, they can share their love for new experiences to the people they take with them.


ESTP: The quick-thinking and athletic ESTP loves living on the edge and thrives in the midst of spontaneous adventure. No other MBTI type is better suited to pursue an adrenaline-charged and fast-paced career like that of a skydiving instructor.


ISTP: The focused and ever-curious ISTP enjoys getting their hands dirty in a project they are passionate about. As a tattoo artist, they can express their inner visions in a form that is stimulating to the senses.