Best Practices in Ecommerce Web Design


Online shopping is a phenomenon that took over the world in the last decade. These days, almost every commodity can be bought online, and big-name brands are also investing heavily in their eCommerce presence. To say that the industry is competitive is an understatement. As internet technology continues to evolve, eCommerce businesses need to keep up with trends to ensure a steady bottom line. While an essential factor that determines eCommerce success is product and service quality, there is a significant advantage with excellent web design.

High-quality shopping cart design

The shopping cart plays a critical role in the purchase flow. You need to ensure that there are shopping cart features which will give the customer a better buying experience. For example, users need to be able to add multiple items, edit product quantities, change product variety, and get a preview of the shipping fee. The shopping cart also needs to remain visible all the time. It is not difficult to do as long as you invest in the right shopping cart software.

Simple and clean design

Customers do not like to shop in a cluttered website. Clutter is a significant deterrent and keeping the homepage simple is no easy task. What you need to do is ensure that all the information on the homepage is relevant to the customer. Make it easier for customers to browse products and find what they want to buy.

Make sure that all links work

All links on your website need to work all the time. You will not know when a link is broken if you do not take the time to test them regularly. Customers are likely to lose interest if they click on broken links. If you have a team of employees managing the website, have them monitor the site using different browsers to ensure that things are in order.

Acknowledge the importance of white space

Many eCommerce websites tend to overdo it with colourful designs and graphics. But an essential principle in web design that you need to keep in mind is using white space to highlight content and make them easier to read or view. Do not overwhelm customers with too much content on a single page. Strategic use of white space will keep the website looking clean, professional, and will help draw the eyes to what is most important – your products.

The search option should be adequate

Some customers that go to eCommerce sites know what they are looking for and would instead look for the item using the search bar rather than browse manually. If the search option on your website does not work correctly, the customer may end up leaving. First, ensure that the search bar is visible. Second, the customer needs to have filter options. Lastly, the function should be adequate in providing the customer with relevant results.


These best practices are some of the vital principles every eCommerce business owner needs to keep in mind. If you want to remain competitive, always make room for improvement because the industry continues to evolve, and customer needs also change.