We all realise that we have only one single chance to make a first impression. Actually, when it is about presenting your project to a potential investor, that first impression is all you have to show the best points of your idea. It is not that easy to manage the consequences after making a mistake, even the smallest one.

The impression which you produce on your possible investors will definitely influence their opinion. This article will give you some ideas on how to make such influence work in your favor.

What is a great Pitch Deck

To make it clear for everyone, a pitch deck is considered to be your product presentation. The main purpose to create such a presentation is to show possible contributors what a potential your startup has. Such pitch doesn’t have to be presented in a specific format. However, it usually includes text, video, images, diagrams, etc.

And now when you have an idea on what a pitch deck is, we would like to distinguish main points to take into account to make your presentation professional:

# Your ultimate purpose

That should be placed on the first slide. You need to make investors want to know more about your project. So much depends on this slide – contributors might decide the fate of your product depending on what they see on it. Only if investors like what look at, they will ask you to proceed. Otherwise, your conversation will be over. Thus, don’t leave the best part for the last slide.

# Your Company Mission

This part is for you to reveal a critical problem you are to solve. You can also put it as a dream which you wish to fulfil. Choose one of mentioned approaches to feel comfortable with.

After you describe the problem or the dream, the next step is to explain the way you are planning to solve it or to fulfil it.

# Market research

Present some data on current market conditions. Explain to investors supply and demand ratio. You must understand who your final customer is. It is important to make sure that potential contributors also know who your product is designed for.

Most likely there are other people who run business in the area you choose. It is critical to know who your competitors are. It would be a good idea to describe possible contributors your rivals’ strong and weak points.

# Business strategies

Present to potential investors your business strategies. It is better to be quite detailed.

When you know your competitors, you have to find the way to stand out from them. Remember to explain your investors the means to differ from your rivals. Your unique selling proposition is the one to help you.

# Monetization

Obviously you won’t find a person who would start a project without planning to earn on it. We all would like to create something special and practical to make profit from it. Believe me, your possible investors are very interested in monetization methods you decide to apply. Thus, tell them which way you consider to be the most efficient and explain why you have chosen it.

# Your organizational structure

Your investors will appreciate if you say few words on who works in your company. Tell them briefly about your team – who those people are, what positions they occupy, what put you all together.

# Financial figures

It is important to devote a slide to present a detailed information on your company’s financial status. Which financial indicators are you going to get? What achievements do you have for previous few years? Potential contributors will also be interested in hearing how you have invested your profit received, if any.

# Stay away from too much text

When you put large text blocks in your presentation, audience might simply miss the main point. Investors will lose their interest.

Be concise, put main bullet points and explain what each of them means. Think of adding some relevant graphs and images. We all know that visual information is much better and faster perceived. So help people process your data easier.

# Diagrams for better visualization

Let’s be honest, people enjoy pictures more than texts. Of course, those images shall be relevant and meaningful. There is nothing better to increase visual effect than graphs and diagrams. They are to show graphically various figures.

Any statistical data can be easily and simply presented by means of diagrams. You will definitely have some data on market changes, profit increase or company development. It will be your benefit if you apply visual means to present your info.

# To associate with your firm

Actually, before looking for any investors, it would be smart to think through your brand identity. The task is to ensure you have a solid brand with all its components, positioning, character and other must-have elements.

After it all has been taken care of, you are good to move on with your pitch deck. Your goal would be to make it an integral part of your company. To come up with a great presentation of your project, you can add your own logo; your corporate fonts and colors will make your pitch deck a logical continuation that goes along with your company in overall.

# The right quantity of slides

In case you have only few slides of your pitch deck, it might not be enough to persuade the investors to do business with you. If you put too many slides, there is a possibility to simple get your listeners bored and tired. The way out here is to find a sufficient, but not excessive number of slides.

We cannot specify a particular number. It is all about what your project is about, how good you are at summarizing your ideas, what arguments you find in your favor. It is all up to you.

# The power of “W” questions

There is a very simple way to check how persuasive you are with your pitch deck. If you give all answers to below-listed five questions, you will manage to impress investors with your project. Here are those magical questions:

  • WHAT?

What can you offer? What problem will you be able to tackle? Your task here is to position your product in the best possible way.

  • WHY?

Why do you need funds for your project? Why should investors be interested in implementation of your idea? Here you better present all advantages of your project.

  • WHO?

Who will enjoy what you offer? Once again make sure you know who your target audience is.

  • WHERE?

Where will you sell your goods and commodities? Where your customers are supposed to buy them?

  • WHEN?

When are you planning to begin? When are you to start generating income?

Generally speaking, your pitch deck shall provide specific answers to all those questions. Clear replies will convince possible investors to cooperate with you.

# Be clear

It is extremely crucial for you to be as clear as possible. No need to make your pitch deck too complicated. The idea is to talk to potential investors in their language, do your best to make them understand your point.

# Financial strategies

To conclude everything mentioned in your presentation, it would make sense to state a specific quantity of money you need with the last slide. Also don’t forget to specify the purpose of funds you are asking for.

# Be professional

Avoid chaos. Make your pitch deck look presentable and serious. It shall be precise, clear and well-structured. Find the way to make your presentation look credible. It is vital to devote enough time to it. You need to prove contributors that your project can inspire not only you, but other people as well – customers, mainly.

Summing up

Your main task is to build your pitch deck in a smart way for potential contributors to know you and your company. If you show information in a professional manner, they will wish to invest in your project.