Best Programming Languages for Startup Owners


Choosing the right programming language for your small business is key to its efficiency and success. This way, you avoid building apps and web applications that end up failing and causing inconveniences both for your business and customers.  To help you make an informed decision and get the best out of technology, below are the best programming languages for startup owners to boost your business.

Programming for Mobile: JAVA and Swift

According to statistics, most consumers access online products through their smartphones. For a small business seeking to boost its online visibility, you should know that search engines favor websites and pages optimized for mobile. With this in mind, you will need to create mobile-centric applications and products to help you address the needs of your mobile-using clients, and also enhance your SEO. Consider JAVA and Swift for this.

JAVA has been around for decades and remains one of the best programming languages due to its portability. One code can run on a wide range of devices supporting JAVA without the need to recompile it. Being the ideal language for developing android apps, JAVA allows you to reach billions of users with Android devices. However, JAVA can also work with Mac, iOS, and Windows.

Swift, on the other hand, is valuable if you want to build apps specifically for iOS devices. It was created in 2014 by Apple mainly for developing apps for Apple products running iOS and Mac. While JAVA offers great security and stability, Swift has simplicity and safety as its main features, therefore, making it ideal for new programmers.

Languages for Data and Statistics: MATLAB and R

If your small business is in the academia, finance, or engineering sectors, you will need a statistical programming language to help you deal with a large amount of data. With knowledge of statistical programming languages, you can adequately filter and convert data as well as classify and compile new data. Consider MATLAB and R for these types of tasks.

MATLAB language deals with special types of data such as matrices. It is ideal for processing and managing already compiled data for statistical purposes. R on the other hand is an open-source language that is useful in data manipulation, statistical computing, and graphical output. Other than R coming with a host of integrated data analysis tools, it is available freely under General Public License. It also has versions that work well with Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you are looking to outshine your competitors in matters concerning analytics, MATLAB and R should be on top of your list.

Programming Languages for Automation: Python and PHP

As a startup owner, you may want to automate repetitive tasks in your business or develop application software. This allows you to improve efficiency, streamline processes, collect data, and cut down on labor expenses. Python is the best programming language for this purpose.

The good thing about Python is that it is easy to learn and can perform a lot of tasks ranging from automating simple tasks to backend web development. It is a highly-rated language that is also user-friendly, flexible, and easily readable as it almost resembles English. You can also reuse an already existing code to achieve the same functionality within a shorter time. However, take note that Python may need extra optimization to work with mobile apps.

PHP, on the other hand, is great for creating web pages on the server-side. It can run on all operating software and platforms and is popular for its simplicity and versatility. If you want to optimize your webpage while using PHP, it is recommended to combine it with JavaScript for the best results.

Languages for Web Development: JavaScript and Ruby

A functional and interactive website goes a long way in helping you achieve your digital marketing goals. With JavaScript, you can effectively create interactive front end apps for your business. It also allows you to produce content for your webpage before transferring users’ browsers.

As a startup owner, JavaScript allows you to show pop-up messages, add effects to your webpage, and also implement simple games. It is a powerful technology and 95% of the World Wide Web runs on it.

 Another programming language you should consider learning to help you create web applications fast is Ruby. With numerous default plugins, it offers you enough functionality to build web applications in a fast and cost-effective manner.

As technology continues to advance and programming languages increase, the above options are great places to start when deciding on the programming language for your business. What’s more, you can take advantage of programs like GI Bill benefits to develop and hone your coding skills so you can steer your startup in the right direction. Don’t neglect to learn other tech skills, like the basics of cybersecurity. The programming language you choose should align with your company’s objectives.