Best Successful Office Moving Tips


Are you planning to move your office? Yes, then this article is just for you. Moving is not an easy task, office moving is as tiring as moving to a new house. Well, in case of moving an office you have to be extra careful because you will have moved your confidential files and expensive office equipment. When moving house you can take your time to set the place. However, that is out of option while the office is moving. Since you have to get back to the business immediately, you need to plan the move accordingly and once the moving is done you have set up your office immediately so that you can get back to work. Simply put, irrespective of the size of your business the relocation can be daunting. 

There are many relocation services available in the market that make relocation simple and easy. Even if you leave everything to them. You need to handle the basics to make the relocation smooth. Stick till the end of this article to find tips that will help you in moving to a new office. 

Determine the reasons to move

Just because your lease has come to an end doesn’t mean that you have to move to a new office space. So before you decide to move, you must determine the reasons. Consider all the factors that involve moving such as the current office space, rent, moving costs, etc. If the outcome is expensive than you expected then it is better to postpone your office moving plan for the next quarter or year. However, if you have expanded your business and need a bigger space then it is better to upgrade to new office space. Also if you have found an excellent space with affordable rent then it is the best option to move.

Have a plan

If you want to make your office moving successful then it is important to have a plan. Without a plan, you may end up taking too many things on to yourself and end up with a list of unfinished business. Instead, if you have a plan or a schedule you can move accordingly to it. And before you know you will be able to perform all your tasks. If you’re planning to move in the next two weeks then apart from work, create a detailed plan to list out the activities you will be doing. So that you will not have much to deal with on the day of moving.

Hire a moving company or moving by yourself

It is time to decide whether you’re going to hire a moving company or handle the moving by yourself. If you wait for the last minute to make a decision the hiring cost may exceed your budget. So it advisable to make a decision early on. You need to contact a moving company ahead of time, call them at least one or two months in advance and lastly don’t forget to get quotes from different companies. Also, check the reviews of the companies before making a final decision. In case you have decided to move by yourself then you have to start packing quite early. So that there would not be last-minute hurries. You can use old boxes and packing supplies to save on packing costs. But you must know that if you hire a moving company they will do everything.

Labelling your boxes

Labelling your boxes will make it easy for you to find and unpack. You either mark the boxes on top or sides, it would be better for you to write which department they belong to so that boxes don’t mix up. Also moving includes too many boxes and it is quite easy to misplace them so numbering will make it easy to keep you from losing them. Also while unpacking you can easily locate them. Even if you hire a moving company it is important to label boxes so that you know how many boxes in total are present.

Pack computers individually

Since each computer comes with its own set of cables it would be a problem if things get mixed up. Every office has a lot of computers that need to be packed while moving so it would be best to have packed them individually so that you will not miss a place or mix up any cables relating to the computers. While packing a computer, first start removing computer cables and put them separately in labelled zip locks so that you can find them easily. Lastly, move on to the CPU and then Monitor. Not only computers but offices also have many electronics that need to be moved carefully, make sure they are packed perfectly. If you’re hiring a moving company give them special instructions relating to delicate electronics.

Update your address

Now that you’re moving to a new office you must keep your clients informed about the new address. Not only that once you settle in your new office you can invite them over. Apart from informing your suppliers, you must inform everyone you conduct business with. From your Website to Letterhead everywhere you must update your address including your employee identity cards. Take this opportunity to get new visiting cards designed or update addresses on old cards. 

Contact your WIFI Company

Since you’re moving to a new location you must relocate your WIFI too. You can contact your service provider and they will handle relocation for you. Also if you’re not quite satisfied with your WIFI service to take this as an opportunity to move to a new service provider.

Wrapping up

Moving is not easy, especially if you consider office relocation there are tons of things that need to be handled. Prepare yourself, it is going to be a long ride before you settle in your new office. But before you make a moving plan don’t forget to ask your employees what they want in the new offices. After all, if the environment is pleased they can improve their productivity. Also, it is a good feeling to make your employees happy. Hope these tips have eased your relocation tension a little bit.