Best USB Microphone for Podcasting, Creating YouTube videos and more – Tonor TC-777


A USB microphone is an excellent introduction into the audio recording world. These microphones have become more popular in the past few years. USB microphones are often used for podcasting, streaming,  and creating high-quality YouTube videos. Also, they are well-suitable for singing, spoken voice, voiceover and more. However, many people recommend getting a USB microphone for high-quality recording or podcasting than choosing an XLR microphone.


If you’re looking to buy the best USB microphone, look no further than Tonor TC-777 USB Microphone. Tonor is a one-stop destination to buy high-quality recording devices. The platform has become popular over recent years. Many people are buying recording devices from Tonor without pinching their pockets. Tonor TC-777 USB microphone is portable, easy-to-use, improves audio quality and performance. No matter whether you would like to create a YouTube video or podcast, Tonor TC-777 is the right choice for you.

Attractive Features of Tonor TC-777

Best USB Microphone – It’s no surprise Tonor TC-777 is winning the hearts of everyone. The device is suitable for various purposes such as gaming, podcast, voice-over, audio streaming, voice identification, YouTube video, Skype calls, and more.

Excellent Sound quality – Do you check the sound quality of a microphone before placing an order? Of course Yes!!! Many of them often check for microphone sound quality. A USB microphone with poor sound quality is worthless for anyone. Sound quality is key in podcasting and voiceover work.

Tonor has introduced TC-777 with an outstanding sound quality system. It is designed with an excellent cardioid microphone capsule that is fixed inside the TC-777. It helps to capture the audio perfectly without background noise. Users can capture their own voice for podcasting or YouTube videos without any background distractions. If you perform recording tasks at your home, TC-777 is the ultimate solution for you.


As the USB microphone is an important digital device for recording, it is necessary to have excellent microphone accessories to make the best use of it.  Whether you’re recording a podcast or voiceover, a set of accessories is required to capture professional audio.

Tonor is offering an excellent set of accessories on the purchase of Tonor TC-777. The accessories are

  • Tripod, microphone stand with a folding feet
  • Pop filter 
  • Mini shock mount
  • Power cord
  • USB connector
  • How-to-use guide and more

These accessories are used to capture an outstanding recording or podcasting session at the comfort of your home.


TC-777 is used with multiple digital devices. Whether you would like to connect the TC-777 USB microphone with desktop or PlayStation, the choice is yours!!! Connect the microphone without hassles. Also, TC-777 runs perfectly on various operating systems – Linux, macOS, PS4, Windows and more. Within a few simple steps, you can connect TC-777 to your desktop or laptop. No third-party software is required to run the device and no step-up process is included. All you need to do is plug-and-play. Sounds easy right!!!

Easy installation

Say big thanks to Tonor “play-and-plug” convenience.

Buying a Tonor TC-777 USB microphone is convenient. Connecting it to a laptop or PlayStation is simple and easy. You don’t need to be a technical expert to use TC-777 USB microphone, every process is simple right from connecting to the recording. Everything will be done within a fraction of minutes.

How to use Tonor TC-777?

  • Connect the Tonor-777 to your digital device into a USB port.
  • The operating system will identify and accept the Tonor TC-777.
  • That’s it!!! You can start using the USB microphone right away.

Sounds easy right!!! No need to install third-party software or set-up process is required. Tonor is saving your valuable time and effort. As soon as you get Tonor TC-777, start connecting and recording the podcast, streaming and YouTube videos right away.


Tonor TC-777 is an affordable USB microphone anyone can buy for their home studios. Tonor is offering TC-777 at $39.99. It is an inexpensive USB microphone in the market. With a low investment, users can easily do professional recording. 

Advantages of the Tonor TC-777 Microphone

Tonor TC-777 has several advantages, let’s discuss

  • TC-777 is the best USB microphone in the market. It is offering great sound quality. Users can record their podcasts and streaming without any noise. The device is suitable for every location.
  • Professionals at Tonor have designed it in a great way to give an attractive appearance and compact size. 
  • A set of accessories offered by Tonor are tripod stand, shock mount, pop filter, manual guide and more. Users don’t need to worry about buying these things.
  • TC-777 USB microphone is inexpensive. Users can buy at just $39.99 only. TC-777 record podcast, YouTube videos, streaming and other audio with high-quality at affordable price.
  • The device is compatible with multiple operating systems such as Windows, Apple, Linux, and PS4.

Difference between Tonor TC-777 and expensive microphones

It’s no secret Blue YETI, Audio-Technica and AT2020 are popular microphones in the current market. Though it has great features the cost is pretty high. Therefore people are switching to buy Tonor TC-777, apart from providing excellent features Tonor is budget-friendly. Even a common person can purchase and record audio easily with Tonor TC-777. Keeping it simple, Tonor TC-777 is an alternative option to Blue Yeti mic.


  • Expensive microphones – The basic mics are starting at $100 onwards.
  • Tonor TC-777 – Worth of money. The cost for each USB microphone is $39.99 only.


  • Expensive microphones – Multi-functional
  • Tonor TC-777 – Single-functional


  • Expensive microphones – They provide a limited number of accessories.
  • Tonor TC-777 – It offers a great set of accessories such as a tripod, power cord, pop filter, USB connector and shock mount.

Sound quality

  • Expensive microphones – Very good
  • Tonor TC-777 – Achieve great sound quality. It is the best option for non-professional.


  • Expensive microphones – Poor
  • Tonor TC-777 – Excellent


A powerful USB microphone is the best way of creating a high-quality recording on your PC or mobile phone in a snap.  Many people prefer to buy a USB microphone for multiple reasons. As they don’t need to purchase external equipment, cost-effective and installing the USB microphone is as easy as peeling a banana. Amazon is offering TC-777 USB Microphone at the best price. Get TC-777 USB Microphone on Amazon and start using it for podcasting, creating YouTube videos, voiceover and more. TC-777 is the best solution for the people who are looking to buy an entry-level USB microphone. It has excellent features such as capturing the voice without any background noise, easy-to-use, no CD installation is required. TC-777 USB microphone is a portal device, you can use it on various devices such as a computer, Mac, laptop, mobile phone, iPad with a minimum fuss.