The Best Ways a Business Can Give Back to the Community


Your business is doing well? The annual turnover of you firm looks like a handsome sum? Wonderful! It is great that your business is doing well but it is also important to boost your local community and involve them in your success while finding new ways to motivate and energize your employees by giving a little bit of your profit to the community.

Several small or big businesses need constant support and assistance from the local communities. Through their vehement support you can well compete with the biggest companies in the industry. It is therefore very important to include the active participation of the local communities around your firm. Here are a few ways you and your company can give back to the local community.

Be an active participant in Holiday Food Drives

During long holidays, you should encourage your employees to bring unopened, canned, non-perishable food items that might be donated to the local food banks or to the destitute. This is a wonderful way to help your community by spending almost nothing. This little effort on your part can bring a massive change in the lives of some people. You will hardly need to do anything, just keep aside 20- 30 minutes to transport the food items.

Encouraging volunteerism of your employees

Several businesses these days are encouraging their employees to volunteer through offering a little paid time off just to volunteer. The business you are doing might give just a little bit of support to the community by allotting your employees a particular amount of time every month or bimonthly for volunteer work, which can really boost the morale of the locals and also help you in increasing your business’ community involvement.

Help children of the local community

Have a good heart and do your bit for the destitute and the children of your community who are orphans or are under -privileged. Amass revenue from your workers and employees and cut down your profit a little and sponsor a child. Children are the future of the nation and helping them in your own way is helping the community and figuratively serving mankind. Be sure that needy and meritorious children of the streets get their bit of education which might help them in their lives. Their future income will help the economy of your country so lend a helping hand to our community by sponsoring children.

Promote various local businesses

Arguably the best way to support the local community is by helping other firms and businesses in the local area to grow and expand. Try to buy the local raw materials for you own company. You may also set aside areas for your company’s website so that you may link it to your most favourite local companies. This sort of a cross – networking with several non- competing companies of your community with similar kind of markets might help you in reaching more and more people and also help other local businesses.

Sponsor a sports team

Some of your employees might have their children in a local football or cricket club. You may most certainly lend a helping hand to such youth sports organizations. By helping them with funds, your company can get publicity and reach more people. This mode not only helps the locals with minimum time expenditure but also serves the purpose of marketing and publicity of your ever- increasing business.

Help building a house for the destitute

There are several organizations that offer different firms the opportunity of participating in various construction projects that are beneficial for the disadvantaged residents of the local community. The good thing about this kind of volunteerism is that most such builds are done on weekends so that you do not have to compromise with your firm’s precious working hours.

Setting up a collection jar

This is a really unique way to support the local community around your firm with absolutely no time commitment. You may easily choose any charity which might be important to your firm and can start collecting money in any high- traffic region within your business. This is a wonderful way to help others without even investing any precious time of yours.

By sponsoring an event

You may also help your local community and give them back by sponsoring or organizing an event like a local marathon. It is a great way to support them and if you involve your employees and instead of prizes you donate a sum to the local charities or NGOs then there’s nothing like it. Earn enough but also believe in the importance of sharing.

It is true that some of the biggest organizations on the face of this earth allow a particular number of hours every year which are allotted to the company to volunteer for a charity of their preference.

You and your family being an integral part of your community must regularly show your bit of support to the residents, existing businesses and people of your community. You may do more research work in various ways so that you may participate in the local shows and events. By doing so you might be able to figure your own way out to help your community and give them back something that can be advantageous to them. This will lead to their growth and development as well as help you gain more focus and confidence in expanding your own business. Remember that donating money to the local charities is not the only way you by which you can help and give back to your community, with the above knowledge proceed further with a willing heart and help your community to develop.