Best Ways To Detox Your Mailbox In 2020


In 2020 we all have a very busy working schedule and one of the main goals is to get things done in a very short period of time. This is where our productivity and effectiveness at work becomes extremely important. Considering the current situation where many people have started working from home, staying productive while working remotely has become quite difficult. Our professional life relies on digital communication and when it comes to digital communication, email is playing a crucial role.

Well, it is a fact that discussing the project details with clients, colleagues, and other people through email is one of the most convenient ways. Consequently, people are choosing email correspondence when they need to have all the work-related issues noted and organized in one place. But, everything has pros and cons, and email inbox is not an exception. Having a well-organized mailbox can boost our productivity. On the other side, if it is filled with spam emails and newsletters, it can hamper the overall work experience. Therefore, we have come up with some best ways on how to easily detox your mailbox in 2020. Let’s look into them in more details:

  • Unsubscribe From Unnecessary Newsletters: So, the first thing you will need to do to detox your email mailbox is unsubscribing from unnecessary newsletters. Well, it is one of the easiest things to do. You just need to open the message and scroll down. You will find an unsubscribe link there. Click this link and you will be automatically unsubscribed from that particular newsletter. If you are receiving a lot of promotional materials, and don’t want to opt out from each newsletter manually, you can automate this process with the help of an email unsubscribe tool such as Clean Email. This app allows to unsubscribe from emails faster and more effectively, you will see all your subscriptions in one place and easily opt out from all of them you don’t need anymore.
  • Never Let Your Inbox Filled With Unnecessary Emails: The other thing you should have is the complete control over your clean inbox. We unknowingly subscribe to many newsletters and this is where we make the biggest mistake. For example, if we read any blog on the internet, the website generally asks to put our email address in order to get future updates or promotions. After putting our mail address, we start getting marketing newsletters from these sites. With time, if you don’t clean your mailbox, it will become cluttered with unnecessary messages, spam, and ads making it more difficult to find the important emails when necessary. One of the email management tips is to make two different email addresses: one mailbox will be for your professional correspondence and the other one you can use for registering at various shopping websites, online courses for learning easy languages, social media accounts, entertainment websites, etc. 
  • Use an Email Client And Email Management Tools: Managing your inbox is very time-consuming and if you have a busy schedule, you will need to clean your mailbox in your spare time. Instead, it is recommended to follow productivity tips and automate this process. For example, if you have several accounts, you can use an email client to check all your messages in one place. Also, it is recommended to use an inbox cleaning tool to filter your incoming messages, block unwanted senders, and protect your mailbox from getting spam without much effort.

So, what are you waiting for? Start following these tips and detox your inbox effectively in 2020.