Best Word Processing Apps for Business in 2019


You may be a digital nomad, an office worker, a project manager, a journalist, or a businessman. No matter what you are, mobile word processing apps are a must-have as they allow you to view and edit on the go. selected cross-platform apps that proved to be the best during years of editorial practice.

Google Docs

Originally, Google Docs was created as a web word processing service, but soon, it got full-featured mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Chrome OS. It allows you to create documents from scratch or view and edit docs created on other devices. For this purpose, it has integrated Google Drive with 15GB of default free space, which is enough for hundreds of thousands of documents.

Google Docs supports all common fonts and editing commands, such as text alignment, creating automatic lists, and styles of headings. You can also insert links, images, and customizable tables. If you are in the role of an editor, select Suggest Changes. This mode allows you to edit a document by highlighting letters, words, and phrases suggesting to replace, fix, or delete them.

Due to Drive integration, you can work only online and have all files automatically saved and synchronized in the background mode. A seagull may steal your iPad on a beach, but everything you created is already in the cloud, available for continuation from where you stopped. recommends Google Docs as the simplest free cross-platform solution.

Microsoft Word

It’s hard to find a person who never used this word processor at school or university. It’s still the leading program since 1990. Microsoft established the most commonly used DOC and DOCX document formats as well.

Unlike the simplified Google Docs, Microsoft Word for smartphones and tablets provides you with a workspace that’s very similar to desktop. The entire editor is divided into standard tabs that you’re already familiar with, such as Home, Insert, Layout, Review, and View.

The app is perfectly optimized for both offline and online work. You can add contributors in a couple of taps and work together in real time. Add comments to exchange opinions or suggest changes, and easily track changes. Microsoft Word now supports sync via Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox, so you’re free to pick up the most comfortable.

MS Word still provides the widest range of editing options across all platforms. If you need more than basics, then it’s the perfect solution. Unlike the desktop version, you can use it for free with a free Microsoft account.

Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is based on a similar model with Google Docs. There is a web service and mobile apps for iOS and Android, each of which allows you to create and edit documents both online and offline.

This app has a unique UI where all options are placed at the bottom of the screen so that you could control everything with just one thumb. You can scroll the navigation bar to find all the basics, such as alignment, inserting, styles, etc.

Similarly to Google Docs, you can select any word or paragraph in shared documents to comment on them or suggest changes. If you work on a project with a big team, this feature makes it possible to communicate within comment threads, like, and reply comments just like in any social networking app.

All changes are viewed in real time or uploaded from the offline mode immediately when you get a connection. suggests Zoho Writer as a good word processor for collaboration in big teams. It’s a simpler alternative to Word and similar app to Docs, but with a radically different interface.


If you’re committed to classics and need as many features as possible, then Microsoft Word would be the best choice. If you seek a simpler app for basic operations and convenient real-time collaboration, Google Docs and Zoho Writer will match your requirements.