Digital Currency is taking firm control of the business environment. It is easy, convenient and safe to use and many people have already embraced its use for business transactions across the world. Like leading regular currencies like the USD, Bitcoin and Dagcoin have become global payment options for business transactions. Take, for instance; you would have to contact your bank, pay third-party charges, and exercise some patience before you can settle payments via regular money. But this has got to stop now since the advent of digital currency has made payment easy, fast, and secured. Bitcoin, Dagcoin and other digital currencies are not products of magic. You have to buy them before you can start enjoying the positives they have brought to the market. How then can you buy these digital currencies?

With Coinbase

Coinbase, the largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange, has its headquarters in San Fransisco and it is easy to buy Bitcoin on its platform. Buying digital currencies via this payment platform is quite easy but involves a number of processes. Just sign up a Coinbase account, get it verified, connect it with your bank account, add your credit and debit cards, effect the necessary validation steps, and make the deposit. Since Coinbase allows you to connect your bank account with your digital currency, you can easily buy cryptocurrency using the money in your bank account.

With Skrill

Skrill is a popular payment platform around the world, and you can use it to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It cuts across continents and many trusts it when it comes to making payments. You can use Skrill on BitPanda and Virwox since the platforms support its use to perfect payment for digital currencies. In addition to that, its transaction fee is quite low, and this has made many people opt for it in recent time.

With Paypal

Paypal is a known payment platform across the world. Many people have it linked with their bank accounts and use it to pay for products they order for online. If you want to use PayPal to buy Bitcoin, you only have to look for platforms that accept this payment option. LocalBitcoins is one of the platforms that allow for PayPal payment option though the process is like you are paying via cash. You have to deposit your money in your PayPal account before you can use it to buy Bitcoin. For non-US residents, eToro can be used, but you won’t be able to convert your Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies or even send it to anyone you want.

With Hodl Hodl

This is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell Bitcoin. It affords you the opportunity of negotiating directly with the would-be seller of digital currency and effecting payment as need be. Just put in your location, and the amount of coin you intend to buy and the system will handle the rest from there. Payment options include cash, bank wire, or cryptocurrency. On the platform, you will see previous transactions of the person you intend to do business with. That will at least show you whether the seller can be trusted or not.

With Square Cash App

Square Cash App is another popular and convenient payment option in the US. It is a strong, user-friendly and nice option to buy choice digital currency. But before you can use it, you have to fund your account on the app in advance. This should not be a challenge to you since you can make a deposit via your bank or you ask someone to do it for you. Trust me; you are good to go once the deposit has been concluded. Open the Cash app, select Cash Card, check for the Bitcoin symbol, tap the ‘buy’ button but don’t forget to specify and confirm the amount you want to buy.

With Kraken

With Kraken, you have nothing to worry about as you plan to buy the digital currency of your choice. It is a fast, secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange where people buy and sell digital currencies including Bitcoin. Like the Square Cash App, you have to fund your Kraken payment platform before you can perfect Bitcoin and Dagcoin purchase. Open a Kraken account, go to the funding page, select deposit option, tap USD or EUR page according to your location, copy in your domestic USD details, and make the deposit. Once that is done, you can go ahead to buy your desired digital currency from the seller of your choice.

With Cash

You don’t have to submit any information or document when you buy your Bitcoin with cash unlike what is applicable on bank transfers and other cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Cash payment is fast for people who are trying to buy cryptocurrencies for the first time especially when they are yet to set up their crypto wallet address. This cash payment could take the form of peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. Someone you know could send you Bitcoin or Dagcoin, and you wire the money to him afterwards. One issue with this method is that delivery may not be instant as it tends to take more time than cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

With Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM is another potent way you can buy your Bitcoin. It also allows for selling of this unique cryptocurrency, but that is only if you have the machine in your area or region. Over 4,000 Bitcoin machines operate worldwide, and if you are lucky to have one in your area, you can use it to buy your Bitcoin. The Bitcoin ATM is quite easy to use as you only have to put in your money, provide a QR code for the machine to scan, and the amount will be sent straight to your coin wallet. People trying to buy cryptocurrencies for the first time will fall in love with the Bitcoin ATM because of the ease at which transaction is made.

Buy Dagcoin from

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