Bitcoin – Why Is Everyone Crazy About This Cryptocurrency?


Bitcoin is crypto or virtual currency, which operates on a peer-to-peer or decentralized network without intermediaries like banks, government, agents, or brokers. Moreover, it enables users to transfer cryptocurrency over a secure and safe network with the use of technology used in blockchain.

One should know that the bitcoin network allows you to transfer or store bitcoin whenever you want, regardless of your time-zone or geographical location. All you require to do is register with the bitcoin platform and begin trading with bitcoin. But you might be wondering about how to receive bitcoins in your wallet? Well, it is quite simple, either you will have to mine or purchase from an exchange.

One should understand that bitcoin is associated with numerous benefits, which make this cryptocurrency popular among people. Moreover, it enables you to make an online purchase and investment, and you even use it to exchange goods and services from the merchant who is accepting bitcoin.

When experts from various sectors begin to understand the technology behind this whole network that is blockchain, they were able to define some potential benefits of using bitcoin. So, without further delay, let us look at the list of advantages related to bitcoin.

  • Private and Anonymous

Every bitcoin transaction is private and anonymous, which means you can send or receive bitcoins without getting traced as bitcoin algorithm make use of different addresses on every transaction to make it impossible for someone to trace the bitcoin wallet through the address. Moreover, it would be challenging for a person to get personal details regarding the bitcoin wallet.

Unlike bank payments, where one person can easily trace back the information related to bank account details, bitcoin enables the person to know about the bitcoin wallet’s address from which payment was received or sent, but not the details regarding who operates the wallet. One should understand that if a person is using the same address for an extended period, there is the possibility of getting traced by potential hackers.

  • Payment Freedom

One of the great benefits of bitcoin is that it provides an incredible level of freedom that means you can transfer bitcoin to any person across the globe. Moreover, there will be no intermediaries such as banks, brokers, agents, or government for controlling your payments as it is a decentralized cryptocurrency.

One should know that there are no borders or boundaries, which would keep you from sending or receiving bitcoin. Another great thing about bitcoin is that there is no limit on payment amount; once you are registered with the bitcoin network, you can make as many payments as you like.

  • Minimal Fees

Did you know that bitcoin transaction charges are minimal or sometimes no fees at all? Well, it all depends upon the priority of a person whether he/she wants to process the transaction faster or not. If they wish to do so, they are required to pay minimal transaction fees for speeding up verifying the transaction. Miners spread over the world are ready to process a set of information related to the bitcoin transaction and allow them to get the transaction verified by the bitcoin network as soon as possible.

  • Fewer Risks for Merchants

You should know that bitcoin transactions are highly secured, irreversible, and do not provide any sensitive information regarding the customers or personal data related to the merchant. Thus, it helps in protecting the merchant from a fraudulent chargeback. Therefore, the interest of merchants has been kept the bitcoin network by making it a safe, secure, and reliable platform for doing trade.

  • Faster Payments

Every bitcoin transaction is relatively faster than the banking channels as it is fast enough like an email, and the network process the transaction within 10 minutes. Moreover, it can instantly get processed; if there is no confirmation required, the merchant is taking the risk of receiving payments that the blockchain network has not yet confirmed. Thus, blockchain requires 10 minutes for processing the information and providing you with utmost security while confirming the bitcoin transaction.

These are the top advantages of bitcoin that one can enjoy while using this cryptocurrency. If you want to know more about bitcoin, visit for more details.