When you apply the power of social media to the concept of business networking, you come across a hybrid site like LinkedIn. Famous for connecting recruiters to seekers, this platform has been around since 2003. Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, LinkedIn’s traffic is entirely composed of professional individuals who upload their experiential skills and share purposeful content that’s anything but memes. However, recently, its circles have seen a rise of spammy sellers who bombard the users’ DMs. So, if you have been going through something like this and have become bored of the general LinkedIn flow, then try the below-mentioned alternatives to fulfill your networking needs.


This networking site competes quite well with LinkedIn when it comes to being career-oriented. The only difference lies in its makeup, which is distinctly European. It is quite easy to set up an account on XING. All you have to do is enter your name and email details, and you are free to connect with professionals worldwide and look for jobs in the firms of your choice. Moreover, the social site lets you know of any conferences, seminars, and trade shows that might be coming up.


It is what it sounds like. Basically, ‘Meetup’ is an online service, which brings people together from different walks of life and organizes in-person gatherings for groups who’ve similar interests. It works like this: After you sign up for the platform, a list of interests, ranging from book clubs to outdoor adventures, is presented to you. Once you choose the one(s) you like, the latest events and meetups of the respective groups start appearing on your newsfeed. Simply mark your participation in the gatherings and anticipate the meetings to come. Another great feature of this networking site is that if you don’t find any interest to your liking, you can create a group of your own, for instance on SEO, and invite people to join it over your amazing network connection, courtesy of Frontier deals. Cool, right?


Most of the people have a hard time explaining their actual experiences to the world on paper. This inability to articulate efficiently often leads to them losing the jobs of their dreams. However, Sumry comes in as their knight in shining armor. How? Well, this beautiful site allows you to highlight your resume with the right multimedia, displaying your values and talent to the expert-seeking employers in a refreshingly non-textual way. This emphasis on ‘user stories’ gives Sumry a unique touch in the world of professional networking.


Are you out of a job and having a hard time looking for one? Rely on ‘Bark’ to cut back search time for you, and promptly connect you to the local firms that are hiring skilled professionals. Simply set up your profile, mention the services you’re willing to offer and click on Bark’s advanced search to be linked to the relevant prospects. Conversely, are you a firm on the lookout for local experts? This social networking platform will reach out to the required professionals in the area and lead you to the best professional you can possibly hire for your organization.


Created in 2009, this networking site has built up quite a reputation for itself. With a startlingly simple interface and an advanced applicant tracking system, Recruiterbox is a great platform for the hiring folk. Its main features include a 3-step job setup for instant recruiting, broadcasting of this job opening across search engines and social media, creation of a customized questionnaire to test the applicants, invitation to colleagues for a collective evaluation and so much more. Start the free trial today and if you like it, get premium access.


This major website performs a whole lot of functions besides networking. It hosts communities and forums, displays social news and website ratings, and more importantly, encourages relevant content sharing and micro-discussions on burning topics, etc. Create your free account on this platform now and make meaningful + professional connections right away.

Facebook Business Groups

In addition to personal networking, Facebook is a great platform for professionals too, depending on how you use it. It enables you to create and join business groups, contact the right individuals at the right time, post job openings and apply for them, create questionnaires and polls, share relevant ideas and posts, carry out fruitful discussions, build a community of clients, use live chat AI to gather responses and deal with customer queries, set rules about the group behavior and set its privacy to public/closed etc.


Got a venture idea in the pipeline? Then, search for investors online over Gust and connect with them over this single powerful SaaS operated platform. It enables you to create your company, use mission-critical tools, set performance benchmarks, grow your startup, locate the right investors from the virtual pool, launch your fundraising campaigns and successfully execute your exit. Get started today!

In conclusion, LinkedIn may be a powerful networking portal for professionals, but it is certainly not the only one. There are other sites of the same nature, more or less, which you can totally give a shot.