Brand Me Online: The Importance of A Great Website


No matter the size of your business, every CEO needs to gain exposure online with a website. Whether or not business owners decide to accept it, online searching, browsing, and shopping is not disappearing anytime soon. Unfortunately, hosting a poor website can limit your opportunities for growth and profit. Business owners and entrepreneurs that invest in a fine website truly set themselves up for success early. Consider some of the reasons why a professional-looking website is so important.

To Inform Consumers of Your Existence

If you have a brand that is struggling to grow in popularity, building your brand by cultivating an online presence is crucial. If consumers do not even know that your business exists, they cannot buy any products from you, nor purchase your services. Cultivating a healthy online image is part of expanding your influence as a business owner, and your website is the core. Consumers must be able to locate your company values and mission, an overview of services, clear contact information, social media links, notable awards, and certifications. Gaining additional traffic with a savvy blog can help you increase the number of conversions on your website. Other custom valuable content, such as videos reports, downloadable e-books, products reviews, and even podcasts can drive traffic to your website that transforms into leads and sales.

It is crucial to get as many visitors as possible to fulfill the conversion goals you set for them on your website. If pages load very poorly, or your site shuts down during prime time hours of the day, you will undoubtedly lose precious sales. A terribly slow and poorly functioning website can scare off consumers, and they may seek products and services on a competitor’s website to comfortably navigate for what they need.

To Showcase a Portfolio of Your Work and Results

No matter your industry, managing an online portfolio on your website is an excellent way to show others your level of competence, skill, and experience. For example, a business owner in the architecture industry may post an architecture portfolio online, enabling the person to create a customized layout of the best photos and videos of projects for the website. Freelance writers, artists, and designers can also illuminate their skills by hosting an extraordinary portfolio on their website. Interested clients who are able to examine your online portfolio can see examples of your work, and it can sway them in making the final decision of whether to hire you or not.

Branding With Better Website Design

A quality website design is an easy way to set yourself apart from the crowd. If you invest a solid amount of planning and resources into your website’s design, you can represent your brand in a unique way that you can be proud of online. Choosing a complementary structure that is simple to adjust can help evolve your online image over time.

A better website design has multiple advantages that can boost your search rankings and elevate conversion rates. When your website design is flawless, you can deliver A/B testing to run better studies to improve conversion efforts. Forbes Magazine suggests that taking time to set up page titles, product descriptions, meta tags, and backlinks properly can vastly improve organic search results later down the road. If clients are convinced that you can do a satisfactory job, they are more likely to make an appointment or purchase.

Use Proper Website Security

Websites that lack the proper security parameters and certificates are often thwarted by proxies, firewalls, and antivirus software designed to stop shady individuals and groups. When you utilize hard-to-navigate web pages, outdated software, shaky payment portals, and unsecure links, you are actually repelling consumers who appreciate security and comfort when browsing and shopping online. Many consumers now search for verified seals of approval on sites and in their internet browsers before moving forward.

In addition to a secure payment portal, websites that offer a variety of payment options give convenient solutions to consumers that want to purchase something, but are looking for safe, alternative ways to pay. Remember that a competitor’s site that offers higher security and more payment options can swallow sales left on the table.

Your website is your chief portal for consumer interactions and transactions. Not only must a website look good, but it must also function well in order to be most effective in attracting target populations. Modern technologies empower small businesses with the ability to create beautiful and professional-looking websites that allow them to compete and establish themselves in the marketplace. Websites that have a strong foundation shine online. Big-name businesses already exercise the power of a highly-functioning website, and owners invest tons of money every year to ensure that their sites are operational and easy-to-use to harness greater sales.