Steps to Do to Order Lapel Pin Online

Vivipins as a lapel pins company is ready with its custom lapel pins. There are several things to do before ordering the custom lapel pin. The steps are helping the customers to order the lapel pin faster and easier based on what they want.

Pin Style

Before ordering the lapel pin, the customers need to choose the best pin style they want. The pin styles are including soft enamel, hard enamel, offset printed, 3D cast, die struck. The style will be supported by specific detail. For example, the soft enamel lapel pin becomes the most popular pin whereas the hard enamel lapel pin is considered as a lapel pin with the high perceived value.

Decide the Size, Color, and Quantity

By the time you get the best pin style, you continue the process by deciding the size, color, and quantity you want to order. The lapel pin is offered in several sizes starting from 0.5 inches to 2 inches. When you are choosing the size, there will be a sample so you can predict the size of the pin. Then, go to the color option box in which you can choose to use 3 different colors to 8 color combinations. Just like the size, there will be an example of the pin by the time you decide the color combinations you want to apply. The sample is an important box to see so you can imagine the color of the pin before requesting it. The next thing to do is deciding the quality of the lapel pin you want to order. In this case, you are able to choose whether you want to create a standard lapel pin or premium lapel pin. The last step to do is selecting the finish color and the quantity. You are able to choose to apply gold, silver, copper, brass, nickel, antique gold, and many more.

Select the Attachment

The third thing in the process is selecting the attachment. Here, you are able to choose one of six different attachments. Those attachments are butterfly clutch, deluxe clutch, jewelry clutch, magnetic clutch, rubber clutch, and safety pin. Just make sure that the attachment is suitable for the function of the lapel pin so it can be used comfortably.

Decide to Upgrade the Pin or Not

It is also possible to upgrade the lapel pin if you want to. You can upgrade the pin into one of 4 different styles which are gems, pin back stamp, front numbering, and keychain. If you want to upgrade the pin, just make sure the function of the pin.

Select the Best Packing Style

The packing style is also deciding whether the lapel pin is interesting to see or not. That’s why you have to choose the best packing for the special lapel pin. In specific, there are at least 5 different packaging styles to choose from. Those are velour box, poly bag, drawstring bag, plastic box, and kitting card.

Send the Detail and Decide the Delivery Date

When the process above is done, you have to send the lapel pin details. You just need to send the detail in one of the supported formats including JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, and many more. You may write additional request if there is any. Then, decide the delivery date and make sure that the pin is delivered to you before the time of your event.

Check the Review and Wait for the Result

Now, you can read the review of your order. Just check the detail to make sure that everything right and ready to process. When everything is correct, just click the add to cart button and the company will approve it. Let the team works to finish your order so you can receive the lapel pin on time